The Soul’s Cliff

The search for happiness

a disappointment indeed

so many meaningless things

nothing for my soul to feed

On the edge of this cliff

everything in life in amiss

about to take a plunge

into the abyss

Before bidding adieu

there is a vision

causing me to pause

before making a decision

All of the sudden

there are visions of life

of love and laughter

amid the strife

Moments of meditation

when I am one with the world

moments of peace

when creativity unfurled

Fire and water joining

filled with such passion

seeing love of my mate

emotions in action

Realizing now

the anguish will pass

only a moment in time

pain will not last

Turning around

walking away

feeling blessed

the world is no longer gray

Fire and water meeting

symbols of the soul

life filled with ups and downs

continuing as the journey unfolds

copyright 2021 Debbie Pierce


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