A Winter Dream

The image below is from Tim Grundtner at Pexels.com.

Suspended in the air

in the middle of a dream

seeing a world before me

angels using telepathic media to be seen

In the corner there is a unicorn

running on the clouds

the air is so clear

his whinny quite loud

An angel above me

making an eloquent speech

lifting up to touch him

wings beyond my reach

The dream continues

an opening filled with light

there is something beyond it

brightness limits my sight

Still floating

the room begins to spin

struggling to stay afloat

body and mind in a tailspin

Stable now

not going anywhere

softly reaching the floor

becoming aware

Fully awake now

through the window a blue sky

a new day

beautiful in my mind’s eye

Leaving the attic

now a special place

a memory of light filled world

filled with grace

copyright 2021 Debbie Pierce






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