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The New Year

snow capped mountain alaska

Frigid cold on the mountain tops

a new year to get to know

sleeping dreams ready to rise

in the the flakes of snow


Months pass

the first bud of spring

renewal of life in the air

fledgling birds spread their wings


The soul senses change

with each new sun rise

tranquility and peace

experience helps us become wise


Reflections of trees

crispness in the air

leaves gently spreading color

birds singing with a flair


Winter sleep comes again

feeling like the comfort of a friend

silence and reflection

till another year begins


copyright 2020 Debbie Pierce

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saturday-six-word-story-prompt / Memories

Clouds 1

Memories. Time travel of the soul.


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A Letter to My Love

deb and bill ocean springs ms

My love

what a year it has been

missing you constantly

feeling you in the wind


Searching for your spirit

loneliness in the air

emptiness inside

more than I can bare


In this year of grief

longing for your loving touch

wondering if this punishment

have I suffered enough


Listening to a recording

comforted by the sound of your voice

watching a video with your image

 my only choice


Almost a year has passed

loving you more each day

not knowing where to go from here

or what to say


Faith is tested

as life marches on

little acts of kindness

small group to rely on


A promise to wait for me

if called home first

remembering gets me through the day

when the loneliness seems to burst


I know you are with God

working in the garden

painting pictures, playing guitar, and singing

all sins have been pardoned


One day you will meet me

never separated again

forever loving each other

there will be no end


Till that time comes

know I always think of you

trying to figure out life

love will carry me through


copyright 2019 Debbie Pierce




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fandangos-flash-fiction-challenge-39/A Musical High



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Secret Door in the Heart

IMG_4994 (2)

There is a secret door

that leads to my heart

few search to find it

mostly I stay apart


Behind the door

are dreams and loving care

it is an exciting place

if one would dare


The secret door

is filled with emotion

sometimes like a waterfall

filled with commotion


Other times the secret door is hidden

with things that I only know

good and bad

things to ponder not show


The secret door

carries things from long ago

filled with memories of others

love that continues to grow


We all have a secret door

that sometimes can be found

the choice is ours whether to open it

when others are around


copyright 2019 Debbie Pierce

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Water Rising


Water rising

life came to a screeching halt

how to solve an issue

experience can’t be bought


Water rising quickly

ducks and geese swim by

life looks easy for them

keep wondering why


A boat comes by

asking if I need a ride

stubborn in my endevour

I say no with pride


Water rising with rapids

now in over my head

still thinking I have all the answers

beginning to tread



calling out to whoever will listen

deep issue to be solved

something in the water begins to glisten


Gleaning from 

others traveling the same path

rapids begin to recede

issue has lost its wrath


Water receding

community works with me

the issue being solved

loving each other is the key


copyright 2019 Debbie Pierce

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Halloween Story: A Petrified Soul

petrified wood april 14

The night is cold as the petrified wood transforms. One night a year the soul is released and allowed to warm. Once transformed the soul walks again. Travailing the earth looking for redemption from within. The tale began one cold October night in a forest with the full moon bright.

A man encountered an extraterrestial who was dressed in bright light. His name was Morning Star and he had an interesting proposition. In exchange for immortality the man was to impart wisdom. Morning Star sought to enslave humans. His knowledge was limited by some confusion. How are some humans able to overcome temptation? Is there some magic that can be cast as persuasion?

The man replied: “Don’t you know that from the beginning of time there are those who walk with the Light all the time?” Morning Star answered “of course there a few who have found the way. I am looking for how to make them sway.”

The man replied ” Take their minds away from gratitude for all that they have. Make them desire all material things good and bad. If you breed discontent among them then all will come to serve you. ”

Morning Star laughed and thought could it really be so simple to cause humans to crumble. Is discontentment really the way to make them stumble? Given this knowledge Morning Star begins to leave and imparts the man with immortality.

The man is shocked when he is turned into a tree. Petrified his soul is as cold as can be. Now marble with no room to grow, the man is terrified with what he has sowed.

Once a year there is a chance of release. The man’s spirit is allowed to spread a message of redemption and peace. If the world takes hold and accepts the true Light , then the man’s soul will be released from its plight.

Years have passed and discontent continues to grow. How long it last no one knows.  Will the world change so he can be free or will he continue as marble without hope for eternity?

copyright 2019 Debbie Pierce

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A Ghostly Bridge

old bridge picture of daddy's

The ghostly figure walked

along the old rusted bridge

life flashing before him

on this night did eternity hinge


Long ago

on a fateful night

the man encountered a Being

bathed in bright light


The Being gave him the option

to know the total of his days

to have great wealth

and to do things his own way


The man chose

to live his life in mystery

at the end to be accountable

for his place in history


The ghostly figure

walking along the bridge

meets the Light

and he begins to cringe


All the sudden before him

is a record of all his deeds

afraid of the karma

he is about to receive


Quietly the Light

begins to speak

the man cowers

he feels so weak


Judgement drawn

karma trumped by grace

the man is astonished

his misdeeds erased


Following the Light

the man begins to dance

paradise is embracing him

he has another chance


copyright 2019 Debbie Pierce

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The Lone Stone

strawberry patch park memorial april 24

Beyond the gate

lies a lone grave

a piece of a lost life

one that could not be saved


Family visits

broken pieces of the past

each speaks of times long ago

wanting each moment to life


The lone stone

carrying a star next to the name

a symbol of war

the world will never be the same


Broken pieces

family filled with grief

trying to build a new life

still in disbelief


Time passes

love never dies

there are moments of laughter

some happiness is a surprise


Broken pieces

the heart begins to heal

each piece glued together

more life to feel


The lone stone

merely now a place

as the departed spirit

now lives in the heart’s space


copyright 2019 Debbie Pierce






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fandangos-flash-fiction-challenge-37/ A Parallel Life



Standing on the bridge taking a break from my morning run. The environment changes with the movement of the sun. The scenery changes depending upon the point of view.  My solid self can touch the world around. Textures are exciting and so are the sounds.   My shadow sees the world in a parallel place. Though we are connected each has its own space.

Living in the light my shadow explores the depths of things great and small. Able to change with light climbing up the features on the wall. It can jump from a building to a tree or go through the tiniest cracks smiling with glee.

My solid self is limited by space and time. Material things change as the clock chimes. Things that are new slowly decay. That is why my solid self enjoys the adventures of today.

Life passes and is  enjoyed by each part of myself. Dancing in parallel union till the sun starts to melt. The separation is brief as the sun rises again. Then we find another adventure as the sun filters through the wind.


copyright 2019 Debbie Pierce

The image is from Fandango at

Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #37