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A Yellow Flower Ribbon



Tying a yellow ribbon

around an old oak tree

sending a message to Heaven

you are still the one for me


Sending you hugs and kisses

from my heart to yours

living each moment

singing like a bird


Feeling you in the wind

your smile in the sun shine

thankful for each day

that you are mine


See all the yellow ribbons

that are being sent in my heart

loving you forever

knowing we will never part


Happy Valentine’s Day!


copyright 2020 Debbie Pierce







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The New Year

snow capped mountain alaska

Frigid cold on the mountain tops

a new year to get to know

sleeping dreams ready to rise

in the the flakes of snow


Months pass

the first bud of spring

renewal of life in the air

fledgling birds spread their wings


The soul senses change

with each new sun rise

tranquility and peace

experience helps us become wise


Reflections of trees

crispness in the air

leaves gently spreading color

birds singing with a flair


Winter sleep comes again

feeling like the comfort of a friend

silence and reflection

till another year begins


copyright 2020 Debbie Pierce

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saturday-six-word-story-prompt / Memories

Clouds 1

Memories. Time travel of the soul.


#6WSP culture daily prompt life lifestyles Saturday Six Word Story Prompt story telling

saturday-six-word-story-prompt – misery


Misery controls an entire generation’s destiny.


#6WSP culture Saturday Six Word Story Prompt story telling



tin bicycle man clinton march 28 2017

Experiencing life in abundance is fun.


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A Child’s Thanksgiving

Steve and Deb age 5 to 7 (2_) (2)

Smiling for the camera

ice cream in my hand

Grandma’s for Thanksgiving

leaves falling across the land


Smiles and laughter

a game of red rover

waiting for dinner

come on over


Sitting in the kitchen

at the children’s table

special surprises

so grateful


Running through the orchard

apples on the trees

jumping to pick them

falling in the leaves


On the porch

stories being told

of family history

by those who are old


Thankful for the memories

of a day so long ago

can still hear the laughter

the love continues to grow


Over fifty years later

I still love ice cream

visiting the people long gone

in pleasant dreams


copyright 2019 Debbie Pierce

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A Letter to My Love

deb and bill ocean springs ms

My love

what a year it has been

missing you constantly

feeling you in the wind


Searching for your spirit

loneliness in the air

emptiness inside

more than I can bare


In this year of grief

longing for your loving touch

wondering if this punishment

have I suffered enough


Listening to a recording

comforted by the sound of your voice

watching a video with your image

 my only choice


Almost a year has passed

loving you more each day

not knowing where to go from here

or what to say


Faith is tested

as life marches on

little acts of kindness

small group to rely on


A promise to wait for me

if called home first

remembering gets me through the day

when the loneliness seems to burst


I know you are with God

working in the garden

painting pictures, playing guitar, and singing

all sins have been pardoned


One day you will meet me

never separated again

forever loving each other

there will be no end


Till that time comes

know I always think of you

trying to figure out life

love will carry me through


copyright 2019 Debbie Pierce




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fandangos-flash-fiction-challenge-40/ The Portrait


Happy Veteran’s Day! Thank you to all who have and continue to serve!


Sam sat in the chair chatting with the artist as he worked. Papa had been a casualty of the bombing of Pearl Harbor. The picture was going to be a gift to his mother.

There had been a fire six months ago that destroyed all the pictures of this wonderful man. While resembling his father in appearance, it was his father’s soul that Sam wanted captured in the picture. The artist listened and worked intently as the intimate details of the father were described.

John had been a man of adventure taking the family to beautiful parks. There they would have picnics and hike in lush landscapes of the mountains. Each member of the family would dive off waterfalls into the bubbling crevices below. John’s life was one of thrills and exploration.

The family had lived in Hawaii almost five years before the bombing. John had joined the Navy during the depression with a deep love for his country. On the day of the bombing John had been on board ship attending to simple duties. As the planes approached and the bombing began, John was able to get to one of the onboard guns and engage in a partial counter attack.

Bullets from the planes reached John and he was killed instantly. Standing on a hill the family watched the scene in horror. It was a day they would never forget.

The artist handed the finished portrait to Sam. The eyes in the portrait reflected a man who loved life and his family. Each line on the face projected a life well lived. Sam was amazed at how well the artist captured his father.

Sam walked away with gratitude as he felt John’s soul. Papa was with the family once more.

copyright 2019 Debbie Pierce


Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #40

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saturday-six-word-story beauty


Rose and bee danced in rain.



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fandangos-flash-fiction-challenge-39/A Musical High