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A Silhouette Dance

In a conglomerate of ice

impervious to the cold

the flowers sit

a special story to be told

A couple dances

in a moonlight silhouette

perfect concinnity in love

a classic vignette

Separated between time and space

each has left a flower

in preparation

for the happy hour

Eternity awaits

as they continune the dance

flowers waiting in the ice

to celebrate a heavenly romance

copyright 2021 Debbie Pierce

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The Soul’s Cliff

The search for happiness

a disappointment indeed

so many meaningless things

nothing for my soul to feed

On the edge of this cliff

everything in life in amiss

about to take a plunge

into the abyss

Before bidding adieu

there is a vision

causing me to pause

before making a decision

All of the sudden

there are visions of life

of love and laughter

amid the strife

Moments of meditation

when I am one with the world

moments of peace

when creativity unfurled

Fire and water joining

filled with such passion

seeing love of my mate

emotions in action

Realizing now

the anguish will pass

only a moment in time

pain will not last

Turning around

walking away

feeling blessed

the world is no longer gray

Fire and water meeting

symbols of the soul

life filled with ups and downs

continuing as the journey unfolds

copyright 2021 Debbie Pierce

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A July Memory

One of my favorite poems written by my husband. Difficult to believe it has been 19 months since his passing. Along with his faith, he also had a wonderful sense of humor.


Isaiah 46:4 
New Living Translation (NLT)

4 I will be your God throughout your lifetime—
until your hair is white with age.
I made you, and I will care for you.
I will carry you along and save you



It’s wrinkled now more than before
It hurts when I have to bend,
It still looks much the way it did
But like some long lost, old friend,

It’s not that I would throw it out
Or even change it if I could,
It’s just that so much time has come and gone
It’s not running as it should,

A wrinkle here, a wrinkle there
Some poundage added on,
The vision’s getting fuzzy
And the hair is almost gone,

The teeth are doing alright, I think
I floss and brush them every day,
Then I put them in that little glass
And promptly put them out of the way,

Then there are those pills to help it run
So many I lose track,
When I go away on a trip
They fill up a large backpack,

But there’s nothing much that we can do
Things are just what they are,
We can either sit here crying in our beer
Or go on and open up the bar,

Because time is a cruel pacesetter
It marches to its own beat,
I only hope there’s still some Epsom salts
So I can soak my tired old feet.

©2018 by William Pierce


Thank You for always being near, for always caring for us, and for always loving us.


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A Yellow Flower Ribbon



Tying a yellow ribbon

around an old oak tree

sending a message to Heaven

you are still the one for me


Sending you hugs and kisses

from my heart to yours

living each moment

singing like a bird


Feeling you in the wind

your smile in the sun shine

thankful for each day

that you are mine


See all the yellow ribbons

that are being sent in my heart

loving you forever

knowing we will never part


Happy Valentine’s Day!


copyright 2020 Debbie Pierce







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A Letter to My Love

deb and bill ocean springs ms

My love

what a year it has been

missing you constantly

feeling you in the wind


Searching for your spirit

loneliness in the air

emptiness inside

more than I can bare


In this year of grief

longing for your loving touch

wondering if this punishment

have I suffered enough


Listening to a recording

comforted by the sound of your voice

watching a video with your image

 my only choice


Almost a year has passed

loving you more each day

not knowing where to go from here

or what to say


Faith is tested

as life marches on

little acts of kindness

small group to rely on


A promise to wait for me

if called home first

remembering gets me through the day

when the loneliness seems to burst


I know you are with God

working in the garden

painting pictures, playing guitar, and singing

all sins have been pardoned


One day you will meet me

never separated again

forever loving each other

there will be no end


Till that time comes

know I always think of you

trying to figure out life

love will carry me through


copyright 2019 Debbie Pierce




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fandangos-flash-fiction-challenge-39/A Musical High



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Water Rising


Water rising

life came to a screeching halt

how to solve an issue

experience can’t be bought


Water rising quickly

ducks and geese swim by

life looks easy for them

keep wondering why


A boat comes by

asking if I need a ride

stubborn in my endevour

I say no with pride


Water rising with rapids

now in over my head

still thinking I have all the answers

beginning to tread



calling out to whoever will listen

deep issue to be solved

something in the water begins to glisten


Gleaning from 

others traveling the same path

rapids begin to recede

issue has lost its wrath


Water receding

community works with me

the issue being solved

loving each other is the key


copyright 2019 Debbie Pierce

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The Lone Stone

strawberry patch park memorial april 24

Beyond the gate

lies a lone grave

a piece of a lost life

one that could not be saved


Family visits

broken pieces of the past

each speaks of times long ago

wanting each moment to life


The lone stone

carrying a star next to the name

a symbol of war

the world will never be the same


Broken pieces

family filled with grief

trying to build a new life

still in disbelief


Time passes

love never dies

there are moments of laughter

some happiness is a surprise


Broken pieces

the heart begins to heal

each piece glued together

more life to feel


The lone stone

merely now a place

as the departed spirit

now lives in the heart’s space


copyright 2019 Debbie Pierce






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fandangos-flash-fiction-challenge-36/: The Legacy




The garden is beautiful this time of year surrounded by vintage plants. Each piece holds a story in the life of a woman. Treasures gathered in a faded blue chair the woman’s light shines through.  A tattered bear holds secrets of joy and pain. Rememberances of a simple time when a hug and kiss healed all the strain. The others playmates on a rainy day. Jumping around a play house in a small girl’s room. Flowers often sitting beside it in full bloom.

The day has come to leave the fantasy land. Time to leave them to the grandchild who now besides them stand. The woman’s time is short and soon her worldly light will go out. However, now is a time to smile and not to pout.

The child dances as she picks up each treasure with glee. The woman smiles as she tells the child that each will be a remembrance of me. I will never be truly gone as long each treasure brings you joy. We will be playing together with each toy.

Dancing around the room while talking of things good and bad. They will bring comfort when you are sad. Always a light will shine giving you a hug each day. Now my child it is time to go away.

The woman passes into the eternal light. The child grows up treasuring each moment the light is bright. A new day has dawned and the treasures are in the chair again. The time has come for another new friend.

As generations pass the vintage toys carry joy and pain. Each time passed there is a wonderful gain.


copyright 2019 Debbie Pierce


image is from Fandango at

Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #36

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OctPoWriMo Prompts: Dark Night of the Soul – October 1

ms college bell tower march

As the bell tolled 

my spirit sank

my soul mate is gone

I have death to thank


The night is long

the moon continues to shine

ghostly images in the trees

branches holding shroud twine


The rain begins to fall

more darkness in my soul

how will I survive

will my soul grow cold


Lightening now

thunder with the wind

making the bell toll

when will it end


Months have passed

there is a small light

dim at first

will it shine bright


My love speaks to me

signs that he is near

showing beauty in the seasons

there is nothing to fear


The time will come

we will be together again

love only grows stronger

light shining from within


The bell tolls

darkness begins to flee

by God’s grace

our entwined souls are free


copyright 2019 Debbie Pierce