Roaring Waves

Beyond the horizon

what the eyes don’t see

is some inner turmoil

deteriorating in the sea

The waves crash down

an education in life

churning violently

cutting like a knife

Each wave

brings in new sand

shells scattered everywhere

decorating the land

Beauty in the destruction

time to rebuild

the sand is a canvas

clay for the skilled

New life abound

in the shells and sand

laughter in building

jellyfish on the land

It comes again

the roaring of the waves

beauty in the turmoil

satisfying the excitement craved

Meditation over

walking in the wind

enjoying the journey

praying it will never end

copyright 2021 Debbie Pierce


  1. My Beloved Sandra’s far more of an ocean/wind/surf lover than I, who prefers to sit here on my deck in my mountains, listening to the wind through trees, which I find to be far more musical and mesmerizing than the surf (which only sounds like static to me). But I will admit to, once or maybe twice per year, stretching out on sun-heated sand, as long as I have plenty of sunscreen slathered on.
    But I digress, let just compliment you on this wonderful poem. Well done!

    • Thank you. There is something magical about the mountains. The clouds producing the illusion of smoke and the beautiful sound of the wind creating music through the trees. My late husband and I would take trips to the mountains to enjoy all the beauty. Our favorite place however was a small beach town filled with art and festivals. Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day.

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