Sanctify: The Beauty of a New Day

colorado park river

Walking through the valley

seeking to sanctify my soul

breathing in deeply

smells from times of old


Smells of morning dew

whispers from the rain

mirror images in the river

cleansing away the pain


New life emerges

there is a new nature show

flowers surrounding me

blooms begin to glow


Sweet serenity

life begins anew

slowly cleansing my soul

now from a different point of view


Love envelopes me

stronger from the storm

stretching out to enjoy the day

the journey is full and transformed


copyright Debbie Pierce 2019



    • Thank you. I am continuing to pray for much success for you. More loss for me in this year. My beloved dog Piper which my blog is named after passed away today. The grieving process is a messy and complicated one. I will be fine but it will be a while longer before my writing becomes more regular. Please take care and be happy.

      • I am so sorry to hear that Debbie. I hope you will keep writing in honor to your dog and husband, therefore keeping them close to your heart and mind. All I can say is that everything we go through is the part of life and life is combination good and bad, therefore normal. Try to be positive in spite the things you are going through. You need to keep your sanity healthy and keep looking for the good stuff, even if those are just memories of your loved ones. Cherish the little blessings. You are alive and moving on. You are important, and you have friends on the other side of the pond who care about you. If I was any closer to you, I’d make sure we go out somewhere and enjoy a good time. Take pause from the grief. You need it.

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