Memorial Day 2019

american flag may 5

On this weekend

we remember those that served

fighting for an ideal

having the nerve


Coming in many forms

bravery to face the battle

beliefs that all have liberty

and are not mere chattel


Through words of love

spoken of lives lost too soon

they will not be forgotten

bugles play at noon


Love never dies

they have given us this life

sounds of laughter

peace and not strife


There are few

who proudly take our place

to defend a great land

wrapped in God’s grace


We are grateful for their service

for defending this great land

giving hugs to their spirits

reverently shaking their hands


Happy Memorial Day

to those whom are gone

your sacrifice is not forgotten

you will never walk alone


copyright 2019 Debbie Pierce






    • Thank you. I am hoping that all is well with you. Praying for much success for you. My grief is easing with more good days than bad. Hopefully will be writing more. Please take care and have a wonderful day!

      • Right back at you, my dear. Please, stay safe. All of this is part of life. It’s not perfect, but nothing ever is. You just keep going and look forward for the new things in life. Wish you lots of Sun and tiny problems so you don’t get bored.

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