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A True Loving Mississippi Story

One child 2 years old is lost

without a shoe in the street

traffic flowing

not missing a beat

Seen by one

running to save a life

another stopped to help

amid all the strife

A third person stops

calling the police

child standing with safe haven

sighing with relief

Another person stops

as we search for the child’s home

wanting to know how to help

the child is not alone

The police come

helping to figure it out

the child is calm

feeling safe and does not pout

Siblings arrive

rejoicing running up the street

the child had accidentally gotten out

following a dog with bare feet

People helping each other

not a thought given to religion or race

helping an innocent child

experience love instead of hate

copyright 2020 Debbie Pierce

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Soaring High in the Day

Flying high

looking over a water view

freedom in the air

always something new


A fish jumps

diving to pick it up

quickly snatching it

a perfect setup


The wind flowing

comfort for my wings

soaring with the breezes

the scent of sweet things


A few friends join me

a fun aerial battle

twists and turns

till our brains are addled


Returning to the trees

time to cool down

listening to the chirping

of the insects around


Awakening now

time for the sun to set

brilliant colors

the most beautiful yet


One final flight

as the moon is rising

watching a glimmer in the water

the view is mesmerizing


Time to call it a day

now in the nest

all is well

comfortable and at rest


copyright 2020 Debbie Pierce



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Giddy: A Moonlit Night

Dancing in the moonlight

giddy as can be

somewhat in a trance

a whole new world to see


Rain coming down

sweet to my lips

splashing around in the water

embracing the drips


Light from the moon

awareness begin to grow

in harmony with nature

creates a brief shadow


In the midst of the wind

an owl begins to hoot

sending out messages

frogs follow suit


Rain is gone

sky is clear

stars in the sky

some are near


A beautiful night

feeling quite free

grateful to be alive

bending to my knee


Thanking God 

for the blessings of this night

alone in the darkness

everything is alright


copyright 2020 Debbie Pierce


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A July Memory

One of my favorite poems written by my husband. Difficult to believe it has been 19 months since his passing. Along with his faith, he also had a wonderful sense of humor.


Isaiah 46:4 
New Living Translation (NLT)

4 I will be your God throughout your lifetime—
until your hair is white with age.
I made you, and I will care for you.
I will carry you along and save you



It’s wrinkled now more than before
It hurts when I have to bend,
It still looks much the way it did
But like some long lost, old friend,

It’s not that I would throw it out
Or even change it if I could,
It’s just that so much time has come and gone
It’s not running as it should,

A wrinkle here, a wrinkle there
Some poundage added on,
The vision’s getting fuzzy
And the hair is almost gone,

The teeth are doing alright, I think
I floss and brush them every day,
Then I put them in that little glass
And promptly put them out of the way,

Then there are those pills to help it run
So many I lose track,
When I go away on a trip
They fill up a large backpack,

But there’s nothing much that we can do
Things are just what they are,
We can either sit here crying in our beer
Or go on and open up the bar,

Because time is a cruel pacesetter
It marches to its own beat,
I only hope there’s still some Epsom salts
So I can soak my tired old feet.

©2018 by William Pierce


Thank You for always being near, for always caring for us, and for always loving us.


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a morning bicycle ride

Riding through old town

wind racing through my hair

sweet bits of summer

music in the air


Sitting on a porch

men playing chess

smells of cigars 

harmony at this address


Further down the street

children playing in a pool

relief from the heat

a game without rules


Passing by a cafe

teens sporting summer fashions

one telling a joke

waiting for a reaction


Passing the park now

ducks walking in a row

heading toward the pond

with little ones in tow


Parked under a tree

reading a book

blessed by each moment

everywhere I look


Life is sweet 

on this summer day

happiness abound

enjoying each sun ray


copyright 2020 Debbie Pierce


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A Summer Day Hiking Dream

Sun beating down

a hot summer day

longing for cool comfort

along the trail way


Suddenly I hear

while turning  around

a trickling noise

then a roaring sound


Following the path

a cool mist on my face

relief from the heat

I quicken my pace


Allowing my feet to dangle

in the pleasure of the rapid

another world appears

which mystical creatures inhabit


A chameleon appears

changing colors in the rainbow

finding food on a rock

his pace is quite slow


Down a bit further

a fish jumps along the bank

performing acrobatics

his movements are swank


A duck appears

bathing in the mist

diving and shaking his wings

doing the twist


Back to the real world

refreshed from the rapid stream

thankful for the inhabitants

of a summer day dream


copyright 2020 Debbie Pierce



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Happy Independence Day

What a glorious day

to think about Independence

the blessings and privileges

that have come my way


Freedom of thought

and of things to share

the right to agree or disagree

about the things we care


Freedom to move about

to see and enjoy this great land

from the seashores to the mountains

by any mode of transportation we can


Freedom to worship God

or the freedom not to

expressions of faith

see our souls through


Happy Birthday America

celebrations throughout the land

fireworks and barbecue

parades and bands


In the pursuit of freedom

many lives have been lost

cherish and protect it

freedom comes at a cost


God bless America

on this Independence Day

let freedom ring

as we go our way


copyright 2020 Debbie Pierce








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Coping with Impossible Situations

Clouds 1

Storms come through

excessive wind and rain

impossible conditions

coming in like a train


Some people are good

ready to lend a helping hand

others are evil

taking advantage of the storm’s band


Impossible situations

difficult decisions to make

critics abound

praying for God’s grace


Finally it happens

a rash of good deeds

showing love and kindness

everyone taking the lead


Prayers are answered

hope is spread

food, clothing, and shelter

God is not dead


Impossible situations

God made us for these

faith, hope, and love

for these we are lead


Impossible situations

healing has begun

restoring communities

one by one


copyright 2017 Debbie Pierce


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A Child’s Thanksgiving

Steve and Deb age 5 to 7 (2_) (2)

Smiling for the camera

ice cream in my hand

Grandma’s for Thanksgiving

leaves falling across the land


Smiles and laughter

a game of red rover

waiting for dinner

come on over


Sitting in the kitchen

at the children’s table

special surprises

so grateful


Running through the orchard

apples on the trees

jumping to pick them

falling in the leaves


On the porch

stories being told

of family history

by those who are old


Thankful for the memories

of a day so long ago

can still hear the laughter

the love continues to grow


Over fifty years later

I still love ice cream

visiting the people long gone

in pleasant dreams


copyright 2019 Debbie Pierce

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Art in the Mist of a Hurricane


Amidst the ruins

following a hurricane’s fury

lies an esoteric monument

not made in a hurry


Compassion is expressed

for a way of life lost

created out of remnants of wood

knowing the cost


Fury in a storm

communities wiped out

a national tragedy

there is much fallout


Many people flee

having lost all they had

no way to recover

all is sad


A small piece of wood

a monument to what has passed

hope has returned

optimism to last


The communities are rebuilt

the people have returned

prospering now

with lessons learned


Carvings of art

along the highway

may we never forget

those lost on that day


copyright 2019 Debbie Pierce