A Morning Standoff

The bacon was settling

in my jentacular walk

when I came upon a scene

causing a mob to gawk

He sat silently

eyes shining in the sun

a small dog barking at him

refusing to run

The small dog’s hair stood up

his bark so loud

I started to interfere

but was stopped by the crowd

The alligator inched forward

ready to attack

my eyes widened

as his mouth cracked

Tension mounting

all eyes glued to the scene

could hardly stand it

wanted to scream

Moving closer

the small dog held his ground

then came the kaboom

a surprise to all around

A kaboom

the sound of a firecracker

caused the small dog and alligator

to immediately scatter

I turned around

to the sound of laughter

a young boy

whose small dog the gator was after

Calling the small dog

he announced the game was over

the dog happily followed him

having proved he was not a pushover

copyright 2021 Debbie Pierce




  1. “Cracking” good poem!! I admit my own nerves were on edge, because small dogs, no matter how big their spirit, are often just a small snack for a gator.

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