The Log

An exciting standoff

each staring at the other

amazing sangfroid in the moment

causing the fear to smother

There was tenderness

each filled with respect

reaching the log together

not knowing what to expect

The stillness of the river

sparkling water in the sun

deciding whether to fight

or to run

The alligator closes his eyes

warmth to much to resist

snoring ensues

excited to exist

The turtle eases off the log

deciding not to stay

instead enjoys the cool water

slowly inching away

Harmony on the water

places where wildlife live

serenity all around

nature continues to give

copyright 2021 Debbie Pierce


  1. An interesting tale. Would an alligator eat a turtle, I wonder?
    I saw a picture once of a BUrmese python, dumped and invasive in the Everglades, that choked itself trying to swallow a whole alligator. 😦

    • I am not sure if an alligator would eat a turtle. It was fun to imagine. It’s interesting that the python tried to swallow an alligator whole. The animal kingdom does some strange things. Thanks for reading.

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