A Night Hunt

Hidden in the shadows

the hunter stood with a gun

camouflaged in the woods

waiting for a deer on the run

He had left the deer feeder

filled with food

an unfair advantage

increased his good mood

Underneath the moon

a pauciloquent described the site

there was a big buck

silhouetted in the light

The hunter aimed

hoping for a perfect shot

the buck stood still

taking in the lot

Sensing trouble

the buck began to run

the hunter took a shot

a loud noise from the gun

Having missed the target

the buck jumped behind some trees

the hunter running after him

then he fell to his knees

A comeuppance

for the hunter who tried to cheat

he sprained his ankle

trying to free his feet

The hunter went home

without the deer

having nothing to eat

when the daylight was near

copyright 2021 Debbie Pierce