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Happy Independence Day

What a glorious day

to think about Independence

the blessings and privileges

that have come my way


Freedom of thought

and of things to share

the right to agree or disagree

about the things we care


Freedom to move about

to see and enjoy this great land

from the seashores to the mountains

by any mode of transportation we can


Freedom to worship God

or the freedom not to

expressions of faith

see our souls through


Happy Birthday America

celebrations throughout the land

fireworks and barbecue

parades and bands


In the pursuit of freedom

many lives have been lost

cherish and protect it

freedom comes at a cost


God bless America

on this Independence Day

let freedom ring

as we go our way


copyright 2020 Debbie Pierce








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A Night Time Train Ride


The night train to New Orleans

chugs along at a slow pace

in a cushy seat

my soul relaxes from the rat race


Sounds enter the mind

of music fast and slow

from the ivory keys of a piano

lifting spirits from a low


Visits to the cathedral come next

windows filled with saintly images

lighting a candle of hope

sad mood diminishes


Sitting in a cafe

listening to tall tales

sipping on coffee and beignets

of exciting city details


Street performers

performing magical feats

exciting the crowds

causing many a racing heart beat


Now on the way home

drifting into a comfortable sleep

my soul is relaxed

as the night train creeps


copyright 2019 Debbie Pierce

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fandangos-flash-fiction-challenge-36/: The Legacy




The garden is beautiful this time of year surrounded by vintage plants. Each piece holds a story in the life of a woman. Treasures gathered in a faded blue chair the woman’s light shines through.  A tattered bear holds secrets of joy and pain. Rememberances of a simple time when a hug and kiss healed all the strain. The others playmates on a rainy day. Jumping around a play house in a small girl’s room. Flowers often sitting beside it in full bloom.

The day has come to leave the fantasy land. Time to leave them to the grandchild who now besides them stand. The woman’s time is short and soon her worldly light will go out. However, now is a time to smile and not to pout.

The child dances as she picks up each treasure with glee. The woman smiles as she tells the child that each will be a remembrance of me. I will never be truly gone as long each treasure brings you joy. We will be playing together with each toy.

Dancing around the room while talking of things good and bad. They will bring comfort when you are sad. Always a light will shine giving you a hug each day. Now my child it is time to go away.

The woman passes into the eternal light. The child grows up treasuring each moment the light is bright. A new day has dawned and the treasures are in the chair again. The time has come for another new friend.

As generations pass the vintage toys carry joy and pain. Each time passed there is a wonderful gain.


copyright 2019 Debbie Pierce


image is from Fandango at

Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #36

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Game Day in the South

picnic lunch petrified forest april 14

It’s fall in the South

a time for all things grand

waiting for the game to start

I am an ardent fan


A gourmand of rich delicacies

found only on game day

aromatic smells feed the soul

as we all play


Scratching the surface

game day banter appears severe

teasing the other team

until the hamburger and beer appear


Then we are all friends

sharing in the glory

sausages, salsa, and chips

helps to enhance our stories


The games goes on

we watch in the tent

cheering on the teams

time well spent


The game is over

packing up to go home

a wonderful day of sharing

fans are never alone


copyright 2019 Debbie Pierce

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Sanctify: The Beauty of a New Day

colorado park river

Walking through the valley

seeking to sanctify my soul

breathing in deeply

smells from times of old


Smells of morning dew

whispers from the rain

mirror images in the river

cleansing away the pain


New life emerges

there is a new nature show

flowers surrounding me

blooms begin to glow


Sweet serenity

life begins anew

slowly cleansing my soul

now from a different point of view


Love envelopes me

stronger from the storm

stretching out to enjoy the day

the journey is full and transformed


copyright Debbie Pierce 2019


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Memorial Day 2019

american flag may 5

On this weekend

we remember those that served

fighting for an ideal

having the nerve


Coming in many forms

bravery to face the battle

beliefs that all have liberty

and are not mere chattel


Through words of love

spoken of lives lost too soon

they will not be forgotten

bugles play at noon


Love never dies

they have given us this life

sounds of laughter

peace and not strife


There are few

who proudly take our place

to defend a great land

wrapped in God’s grace


We are grateful for their service

for defending this great land

giving hugs to their spirits

reverently shaking their hands


Happy Memorial Day

to those whom are gone

your sacrifice is not forgotten

you will never walk alone


copyright 2019 Debbie Pierce





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Spring: Festival of Celebration

foxgloves ms museum of art april 23

Colors bursting forth

spring is in the air

new beginnings abound

flower shows with a flair


A time of celebration

festivals are around

walking and biking

everyone comes to town


In the midst of the flowers

there is a band

young men and women dancing

joy across the land


Aromas of food

floating down the street

vendors selling their wares

performers on their feet


The festival persists

 into the night

sounds of music

under the street lights


The festival ends

there are sounds in the night

bugs are singing

a few spread some light


The moon is high

waiting for a new day

spring passing through

joy along the way


copyright 2019 Debbie Pierce





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Through the Mirror of Time

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas! A time of sadness for me that is comforted by the Heavenly Light.

bill and debbie wedding pic


Through the mirror of time

lies memories of past

a day of happiness

meant to last


Dreams from long ago

a couple beaming with bliss

a Christmas wedding

straight from Santa’s list


Blessings from the Light

a gift to the world

a tiny cry of hope

emotions in a twirl


Happiness reigns

till the end of time

a spiritual connection

a Heavenly bind


On this Christmas

celebrate the Light

know pure love

is in sight


copyright 2018 Debbie Pierce






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Gratitude- Countdown to Thanksgiving 2

white flowers at ms art museum april 20


for those who came before

for their courage and hard work

opening for me a life door



for the lessons that I learned

for the experiences

for blessings unearned



for the sun and the moon

for birds singing

for the wind that swoons



for traveling through time

for the privilege of growing old

for stories told for a dime



for all who have passed through my life

for the love and the blessings

and a glimpse of the afterlife



for things that make me smile

for the journey

for each life mile



for another Thanksgiving

for everything

that makes life worth living


copyright 2018 Debbie Pierce




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Halloween Horror: Nightmare

rocky spring cemetery april 28


This is a different type of story than what I usually write. After having read some horror stories I thought it would be fun to try and write one. This is a one time story and I will return to my normal writing style. If you do not like horror please do not read this story. Have a wonderful day! Happy Halloween!





Halloween Horror Story


The night is dark and the moon is full. The wind blows through the trees making each branch appear as if possessed by an angry spirit. Getting ready for bed there is a feeling of deep anxiety. Would the dream repeat itself again as it had each month on this date. The dream is always the same without resolution.

My grandfather calls to me within the depths of my soul. Waking in the small bedroom in the back of the house the darkness is stifling. Outside the window the wind howls and tree branches hit the window causing a screeching sound. Goosebumps appear on my arms as I  walk through the house. There is a low deep voice beckoning me through the kitchen to the side door out to the garage. Suddenly a skeleton jumps out of the floor in front of me. A silent scream comes out of my mouth as my running legs carry me into the back yard. Another skeleton jumps out in front of me as a tree limb attempts to grab me. My gown is torn as I struggle to become free. Sweat rolling down my red cheeks and tears sting my eyes as I continue to run. The howling wind now contains rain from the thunderstorm. My soul is tormented as the lightening strikes near the newly dug grave of my grandfather. He is calling and begging me to release him from the eternal hole.

The hole is continuous and there is no light. Feeling light headed the energy from the hole draws me in. Continuously falling searching for the lost soul of my grandfather there is no end in sight. Coldness reigns as the rain pelts down on my tender skin being scratched by the roots sticking out. I am screaming for forgiveness and redemption. The dream ends with me in my bed waking in terror.

This dream was continuous for many years. This Halloween horror finally ended after the death of my grandmother. Resolution of the dream is up in the air. Forgiveness and redemption or Fire and Hell? Only time will tell.


Happy Halloween!


copyright 2018 Debbie Pierce