The Monster Within

A riddle to solve

reality or a dream

another October

a brilliant Halloween

The night is dark

time for the monster to rise

pent up anger and rage

a struggle to survive

Owls hoot

leaves gone from the trees

fire in the soul

struggling to breathe

Loud thunder

strikes of lightening in the sky

the pain intensifies

letting out a screaming cry

The rain beats down

in an attempt to cleanse

moving toward shelter

refusing to make amends

Lightening strikes a tree

surrounded by fire

survive or succumb

the situation is dire

The monster within

what choice did it make

the sun is rising

is it dead or awake

copyright 2022 Debbie Pierce


  1. Look at you, drawing me in to the Halloween mystique, here on October Day One.

    Brilliant poem, masterful closure (or is it just a pause in the action?)

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