A Victim’s Vengeance

Out of the belfry

bats fly high

searching for blood

in the nigh

A recent murder

a smell of fresh blood

a corpse is lying

in the mud

Spirit leaving the body

calling the bats by name

demanding vengeance

on the one to blame

One bat drinks blood

following the scent

catching the murderer

answering the lament

Murderer is tortured

as the bat feeds on him

refusing to repent

his future is grim

Death finally comes

on Halloween night

spirit eternally roams the Earth

tormenting all with fright

copyright 2022 Debbie Pierce


  1. This takes bats in the belfry to a whole another level.
    In October, it is better to keep bats on the radar.
    Keep friends close, especially if one is a reviver.
    This is some mighty fine macabre you shared, Madam.

    P.S. ~ Palindromes are fun.

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