A Yuletide Dream

In this yuletide

wrapped in a blanket of peace

going through memories

drifting into sleep

Soaring high above the clouds

nearly running into the moon

slipping back into time

in my childhood room

Trees and presents

glitter from the yard

a time of laughter

picture on a post card

Floating past planets

looking in on a lost love

present from a beau

a necklace hanging with a dove

Out of the solar system

filled with adventure

thrills of the unknown

new places to venture

One last memory

before floating home

dancing with my husband

in a world of our own

A smile on my face

an incredible dream

back to the present

watching the sun beam

Merry Christmas

may all you have laughter and joy

hearts beaming with contentment

and a life filled with love to enjoy

copyright 2022 Debbie Pierce


  1. I love the way you reminisce, Debbie. It seems what you reflect on is commensurate with my recalls. I bet everyone who reads this will find a common bond.

    Merry Christmas Eve

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