A Youthful Perspective

Sitting on a truck

adoring the scenery around

a beautiful situation

endless possibilities abound

The fog encompasses the land

surrounding the girls

a cleansing rain falls

wind gives their hair a twirl

Watching the lake

winds causing waves

merry conversation on the truck

these are carefree days

Rain subsides

the sun begins to shine

the girls revel in the crisp air

marveling at nature’s design

Time to leave

with a new world view

smiles on their faces

as they experience life anew

copyright 2022 Debbie Pierce


  1. This brings to mind, a catfish restaurant we went to in Arkansas, when I was a kid. It had a pole barn roof, and screen walls, on a concrete slab. There were tables and chairs and a operating juke box. I recall going to “Lake Alpe” (six? / pronounced Al-pee.)
    A few years back, I researched this place, only to find no trace of it whatsoever. It vanished!

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