Blueberry Cobbler : Edible Treats

blueberry cobbler may 14

Blueberry cobbler

an edible treat

filled with love

ready to eat


Love in food

shown in many ways

veggies or dessert

appear each day


Sitting at the table

sharing life’s news

loving one another

even with different views


Food binds us together

cooked from the heart

sharing new recipes

some are an art


Crossing generations

each dish a story to tell

learning about each other

tasting oh so well


Meeting new friends

diversity crosses the plates

enjoying each other

eating until late


Blueberry cobbler

topped with ice cream

sharing with friends

such a wonderful scene


copyright 2017 Debbie Pierce







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  1. Debbie, beautiful words and I have to agree with the sentiments of your poem, sharing time together over good home cooked food…nothing better!

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