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The Camp Fire

Beauty in the fire

blazing colors in the night

a crackling sound

embers dancing with delight

Providing warmth

a circle to speak a tale

all around are intrigued

the story is told well

Crackers, marshmallows and chocolate

melting on a stick

sweet dessert

delightful and quick

Gazing at the stars

lighting up the night

dreaming of distance places

the journey is bright

Lulled to sleep

serenaded by the wind

crickets sing a lullaby

a pleasant days end

The sun rises

it is a new day

the journey continues

as we go our separate ways

copyright 2021 Debbie Pierce

Out of the ashes

new life emerges

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A Summer Day Hiking Dream

Sun beating down

a hot summer day

longing for cool comfort

along the trail way


Suddenly I hear

while turning  around

a trickling noise

then a roaring sound


Following the path

a cool mist on my face

relief from the heat

I quicken my pace


Allowing my feet to dangle

in the pleasure of the rapid

another world appears

which mystical creatures inhabit


A chameleon appears

changing colors in the rainbow

finding food on a rock

his pace is quite slow


Down a bit further

a fish jumps along the bank

performing acrobatics

his movements are swank


A duck appears

bathing in the mist

diving and shaking his wings

doing the twist


Back to the real world

refreshed from the rapid stream

thankful for the inhabitants

of a summer day dream


copyright 2020 Debbie Pierce



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An Adventure in the Grand Canyon

DocFile (2)

I love the early mornings in the Grand Canyon. The air is crisp and cool as the sun begins to rise. Looking from the overlook you can see the bright orange and purple colors across the canyon. There is still a bit a snow on the ground in the surrounding campsite. There are a few tents that the snow surrounds like a warm blanket.

After admiring the beauty of the sunrise for a few more minutes I take the path back to the campground. There is a variety of wildlife awake at this hour scurrying around in the surrounding trees. A rabbit darts in front of me and watches as I jump at the sudden movement.

Everyone is up and ready to take on the day as I return to the campsite. The cooking bacon and eggs have a wonderful aroma that fills the site. Food seems to taste better when eaten in nature. Our senses are more in tune to the simple pleasures of life.

After breakfast it is time for the mule ride down the canyon. There is a winding trail that is steep and narrow that the mules maneuver each day. It promises to be an exciting adventure.

Our ride begins with everyone on their mules following the directions of the mule skinner. He leads us down the canyon with the mules following him. Mules are interesting animals. They are like horses and are very precise on the trail and surefooted.

Looking across the canyon as we ride down is the most beautiful view. You can see miles of canyon with red, orange, and blue hues across the rocks. The birds are majestic as they fly across the clear blue sky. It is an ecosystem of freedom for the wildlife that inhabit this canyon.

It is difficult for me to look down to the bottom of the canyon. I am afraid of heights and it is a long way to the bottom. Still overcoming a fear is part of the reason for this adventure. Taking a deep breath I glance down to the bottom of the canyon.

There is much beauty at the bottom of the canyon. There is a slow-moving river bed that is surrounded by a large bank with trees and rocks. This is where we will stop for a break before returning to the top of the canyon. The ecosystem of the canyon is serene and tranquil.

I am briefly startled as my mule has decided to pee and shifts his weight a bit. Nervous that the mule may drop me down the canyon I freeze. The mule is unfazed and steadily continues down the canyon.

We reach the bottom of the canyon and find a spot on the edge of the river bed. The water is cold and feels refreshing in the midmorning heat. The bottom of the canyon is significantly warmer than the place where we began this adventure.

DocFile (1)

After about half an hour we resume our ride back up the canyon. Going up the canyon has an entirely different view than coming down. The colors of the canyon appear to be deeper in the sun. It is as if God has sent artists to paint wonderful colors on the canyon.

I listen for the sounds of the canyon as we continue the trek up. There is the sound of birds singing in the brush. Small animals are scurrying through the brush creating a rustling noise. The mules snort as they climb the canyon. It is a peaceful experience.

DocFile (4)

Finally we reach the end of our journey and it is time to leave the mules. This particular adventure has a certificate that accompanies it. It is given to everyone that completes the adventure.

We reach the campsite and decide to rest until time to cook dinner. My legs and backside ache from riding the mule. The aches and pains are worth the wonderful adventure of riding the mules.

I make a final hike for the day to the rim of the canyon. The sun is beginning to set presenting a new set of colors. The canyon is now the backdrop to the rich orange and pink colors in the sky. The night air is crisp and cool with a hint of rain in the air.

DocFile (6)

Returning to the camp dinner is ready and the fire is warm. We eat and tell the stories of today’s adventure. Someone pulls out a guitar and begins creating a tune to tell the story of the mule ride. It is a grand tale.

As I drift off to sleep in the tent my dreams float to the place of gratitude. It is wonderful to be alive and my soul is nourished.

Copyright 2017 Debbie Pierce



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Coping with Impossible Situations

Clouds 1

Storms come through

excessive wind and rain

impossible conditions

coming in like a train


Some people are good

ready to lend a helping hand

others are evil

taking advantage of the storm’s band


Impossible situations

difficult decisions to make

critics abound

praying for God’s grace


Finally it happens

a rash of good deeds

showing love and kindness

everyone taking the lead


Prayers are answered

hope is spread

food, clothing, and shelter

God is not dead


Impossible situations

God made us for these

faith, hope, and love

for these we are lead


Impossible situations

healing has begun

restoring communities

one by one


copyright 2017 Debbie Pierce


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A Walk in the Night


Darkness has fallen

as I walk on the tenebrous path

rain has begun to fall

nature taking a bath


Temperatures drop

chill in the air

path becomes muddy

my feet are bare


A rocky hill

insurmountable in the night

owls begin to hoot

now a feeling of fright


Sliding on the hill

there is a scrape upon my knee

sound of a close hiss

I begin to flee


Thunder and lightening

light up the night sky

taking an alternate route

afraid I may die


A familiar voice calls

safety around the corner

a cabin with fire and love

a gift having been ordered


Storm has stopped

full moon shines in the night

peace and serenity

lit by star’s light


copyright 2019 Debbie Pierce

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A Morning Walk

Early in the morning

coolness in the air

taking umbrage to mosquitoes

mostly without a care


Remembering the languor 

of a day not long ago

exploring the swamp

with my beau


Through the stillness

a story unfolds

of two young lovers

caught in the mist of woe


One wanted excitement

could never stand still

action with every turn

an instant thrill


The other more quiet

dreams of a simple life

serenity around every corner

never any strife


Two young lovers

a decision to make

journey life together

or make a permanent break


The swamp is still

trees reflecting in the sun

a snake swims by

the two lovers run


Running up the stairs

he carries her in his arms

the thrill of being together

her safe without harm


True love prevailed

twenty years of wedded bliss

combination of thrills and serenity

sealed with a passionate kiss


copyright 2019 Debbie Pierce

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Autumn: Season of Color and Abundance

fall color april 22

September comes

the debut is near

trees and bushes are ready

the signs are clear


Sun rises with high temperatures

jeopardizing the debut

high humidity with no rain

provides a big clue


Will autumn come

or will an error occur

humans and animals shake their head

then with high hopes concur


The show must go on

it happens each year

autumn is coming

there is no need to fear


Bright colorful foliage

emanating from the trees

leaves begin to drop

fulfilling a spiritual need


Abundant food

in each community a feast

acorns for squirrels

for human a roasted beast


Temperatures drop

coolness in the air

celebrations of plenty

many a state fair


Seasons change

 the life cycle continues

the journey is exciting

enjoying each venue


copyright 2019 Debbie Pierce

#FOWC camping culture daily prompt environment hiking inspiration intentional living life lifestyles nature poetry spiritual story telling word of the day challenge

A Peaceful Hike

snow capped mountain alaska

Glancing across the horizon

beauty everywhere

wanting to be a particle

spread across the air


Wishful thinking

taking it all in

difficult to breathe

the air is thin


Such diversity

mountains then a valley below

hiking across the country

pace is slow


Air particles concur

traveling within the wind

from warm to cold

each way on a whim


Settling down

a bear passes by

ignoring me

he has fish to fry


Feeling freedom

with each step

like the wind

knowing the depth


Hike ends 

making camp for the night

like the air particle

now out of sight


Sleeping now

lulled by the stream

now an air particle

a  peaceful dream


copyright 2019 Debbie Pierce

camping daily prompt environment inspiration intentional living life lifestyles nature ragtag daily prompt spiritual story telling

Serene: Living on the Edge of the Day

sun on river mountain 1

In the morning light

living on the edge of the day

mountains of possibilities

seeking serenity along the way


A small flower

blowing seeds in the wind

brushing away all issues

living life till the end


A deer runs by

spreading leaves in its path

enjoying the rush of wind

there is no wrath


In the river

geese engage in a show

splashing around gaggling

as if there are secrets to know


Continuing on

the river curves around

listening carefully

there is serenity in the sound


The journey continues

living in the moment each day

life is a universe unto itself

with love and laughter along the way


copyright 2019 Debbie Pierce

camping culture daily prompt inspiration intentional living life lifestyles Mississippi nature spiritual story telling summer

Wish: Hot Summer Night


Up in the night sky

gazing upon the star

wishing for peace

contentment is not far


Darkness has come

creatures moving in the night

searching for adventure

stars providing the light


Wind rustles 

moving through the trees

creating silhouettes

fascinating to me


Creatures grow larger

as the dim light passes by

exaggerated personalities

featuring fireflies


Hot summer nights

encouragement to dream

eyes begin to close

sounds from the stream


Wishing upon the star

contentment has been found

my soul is nourished

abundant life is all around


copyright 2019 Debbie Pierce