A Morning Walk

Early in the morning

coolness in the air

taking umbrage to mosquitoes

mostly without a care


Remembering the languor 

of a day not long ago

exploring the swamp

with my beau


Through the stillness

a story unfolds

of two young lovers

caught in the mist of woe


One wanted excitement

could never stand still

action with every turn

an instant thrill


The other more quiet

dreams of a simple life

serenity around every corner

never any strife


Two young lovers

a decision to make

journey life together

or make a permanent break


The swamp is still

trees reflecting in the sun

a snake swims by

the two lovers run


Running up the stairs

he carries her in his arms

the thrill of being together

her safe without harm


True love prevailed

twenty years of wedded bliss

combination of thrills and serenity

sealed with a passionate kiss


copyright 2019 Debbie Pierce






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