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A Morning Walk

Early in the morning

coolness in the air

taking umbrage to mosquitoes

mostly without a care


Remembering the languor 

of a day not long ago

exploring the swamp

with my beau


Through the stillness

a story unfolds

of two young lovers

caught in the mist of woe


One wanted excitement

could never stand still

action with every turn

an instant thrill


The other more quiet

dreams of a simple life

serenity around every corner

never any strife


Two young lovers

a decision to make

journey life together

or make a permanent break


The swamp is still

trees reflecting in the sun

a snake swims by

the two lovers run


Running up the stairs

he carries her in his arms

the thrill of being together

her safe without harm


True love prevailed

twenty years of wedded bliss

combination of thrills and serenity

sealed with a passionate kiss


copyright 2019 Debbie Pierce

camping culture cypress swamp daily prompt environment forest happiness hiking inspiration intentional living life lifestyles Mississippi natchez trace nature poetry preservation spiritual story telling

Inchoate: Walk in the Swamp


cypress swamp serenity april 7

A mixture of beauty

filled with life inchoate and mature

trees and wildlife in the swamp

create a mysterious allure


Silent and serene

till a frog jumps

creating a ripple

an artistic mud clump


Further down

a picturesque reflection

a cypress tree’s story

feeling a spiritual connection


Along the banks

small wildlife roam

continuing the journey

enjoying their home


The sun shifts

now there is shade

snake in the water

prey trying to evade


The moon is high

casting a night’s spell

an eerie beauty

all is well


copyright 2018 Debbie Pierce


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camping culture cypress swamp daily prompt environment forest God happiness hiking inspiration intentional living life lifestyles Mississippi nature poetry preservation spiritual story telling

Reservation: Living in the Moment

cypress swamp from left side march 31


I have a reservation

to live in each moment this year

filling the journey

with happiness and not fear


Walking across the bridge

taking a new step each day

stopping to inhale the fresh air

observing the seasons along the way


Enjoying the cypress trees

basking in the revel of a frog’s song

there is a snake in the water

it appears to be six feet long


Basking in the silence

there is a cold brisk wind

beauty in the stillness

till spring brings life again


Summer and fall

the leaves show such color

from green to orange and yellow

a feast for a nature lover


Meditation ends

there is joy across the land

my soul is renewed

as each moment begins to expand


copyright 2018 Debbie Pierce


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camping culture cypress swamp daily prompt environment happiness hiking humor inspiration intentional living life Mississippi nature poetry preservation story telling

A Risky Adventure

cypress swamp serenity april 7

Excitement filled my thoughts

walking around every bend

it was a risky venture

from the beginning to the end


Shadows lurked as I 

maneuvered through the swamp

fearless creatures lurked

each with its own want


Carefully walking 

there is a sudden howl

bright yellow eyes

it was an owl


Darkness is coming

there is a stillness in the air

any sudden movement

could cause me to be ensnared


Voices around the corner

there is a small light

coming around the corner

turning to the right


Suddenly there is a presence

out of thin air

I jumped so high

screaming with a flair


Full moon above

someone has given me a fright

a handful of campers

enjoying Halloween night


copyright 2017 Debbie Pierce


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Cypress Trees Reflecting the Sun

cypress swamp serenity april 7

The sun reflects off the cypress trees

The bottle of water is stagnant

without a river to flow

drawing mosquitoes  like a magnet


Our souls contemplate life

in this small place

how to escape

life’s issues that we face


The cypress trees thrive

learning to adapt

living in harmony

without energy being zapped


As we observe this forest

our souls are nourished

adapting to life’s issues

learning how to flourish


God made these beautiful trees

reflecting the peaceful sun

renewing our souls

as we let go of issues one by one


copyright 2017 Debbie Pierce

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Natchez Trace: An Adventure at Cypress Swamp

The Natchez Trace has a long history of explorers. From the beginning of the Natchez Trace in Natchez, Mississippi to the end in Nashville, Tennessee are 440 miles of pure wonder. This is a wonderful road trip filled with many adventures. Each part of the Natchez Trace tells a story of times when Mississippi was a frontier.

Jess and I decided to explore a site on the Natchez Trace that is an hour from our home. We visited the Cypress Swamp off the Natchez Trace and experienced the beauty of dark waters, cypress trees, and reflections from the sun.

The exploration of the Cypress Swamp began as soon as we parked the truck. There is a large sign explaining some of the swamp’s history. We read the sign and then continue walking to the stairs leading to the bridge that crosses the swamp. The stairs are made of wood and steep. There is a sharp drop between some of the steps so we proceed slowly down watching our every move. Finally we reach the last step and move onto the bridge.

cypress swamp stairs march 2017

The stairs and bridge across the swamp show all types of life. The still black waters are the home to bugs, snakes, and the occasional alligator. A few young cypress trees are on dry land. There are trees and undergrowth surrounding the swamp. The quiet is interrupted by the sounds of birds from the surrounding paths. I take several photographs and Jess is filming a video to be posted on YouTube about our experiences on the swamp.  Serenity is abundant in this tranquil environment as we walked the trail.

alligator on the golf course may 5

The still black water is haunting and stagnant on this sun filled afternoon. The cypress trees reflect in the sunlight causing a mirror of trees to reflect in the swamp. It is truly a beautiful site to behold. I ponder the meaning of the stillness.

I am struck by the large cypress trees that inhabit this ecosystem. They are still but yet teaming with life. This swamp has been here for many years and I wonder at the stories the trees would tell of the visitors who come here if they could speak.

cypress tree seedlings april 20

These cypress trees will take root when the swamp does not have much water. As the swamp fills with water, the trees will live in this environment for an extended period of time. Cypress trees in this swamp have adapted to the environment.

The cypress trees tell a story of survival and life in the forest. Long ago a river channel fed this area and a swamp developed. As the cycle of life in nature has continued the river channel has slowly dried up and is now no longer supplying life-giving water to the swamp. The change is gradual and will take a long time but eventually the cypress trees will be gone. It will be replaced by new types of trees and undergrowth. It is a sad thought to me that this swamp will disappear and future generations will not have this serene and tranquil experience. Still the cycle of life must continue with death and renewal.

cypress swamp trees 1 march 31

Jess and I reflect upon life and ponder some questions about it. Are all living things meant to continue or disappear completely? Will the cypress trees be remembered or just a distant memory? Nature continues to grow and renew itself. Like us there are parts of our lives that continue and other parts that disappear. The memories of our lives will be gone within a few generations. There will be new stories and adventures to be told and experienced.

cypress swamp from left side march 31

The sun continues to reflect the trees as we continue our journey across the cypress swamp bridge. We look for an alligator, snake, or some other form of swamp life but are disappointed to only find insects grazing across the water. The stillness is deafening as we approach the end of the bridge. Carefully we watch our steps while climbing up the steep stairways.

I turn to take a few more photographs while Jess is finishing filming for the afternoon. We discuss the introduction and ending to the video of Cypress Swamp. It is difficult to decide what is the most interesting experience in this swamp. Jess and I decide to edit the video and see what story the cypress trees would like to tell.

The time has come for us to leave this beautiful swamp. It is a relaxing ride home on the Natchez Trace and we return to our home refreshed. Nature has renewed our spirits and we are ready for the next adventure.

copyright 2017 Debbie Pierce