Cypress Trees Reflecting the Sun

cypress swamp serenity april 7

The sun reflects off the cypress trees

The bottle of water is stagnant

without a river to flow

drawing mosquitoes  like a magnet


Our souls contemplate life

in this small place

how to escape

life’s issues that we face


The cypress trees thrive

learning to adapt

living in harmony

without energy being zapped


As we observe this forest

our souls are nourished

adapting to life’s issues

learning how to flourish


God made these beautiful trees

reflecting the peaceful sun

renewing our souls

as we let go of issues one by one


copyright 2017 Debbie Pierce

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  1. I guess that my favorite wood is cypress. Cypress is durable, lightweight and resistant to rotting, it is relatively free of knots, which makes it an ideal building material. God told Noah to make the ark out of gopher wood, and since no one knows for certain what gopher wood actually is, many people think that it is cypress and if it was good enough for God and Noah, then it is good enough for me.

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