Autumn: Season of Color and Abundance

fall color april 22

September comes

the debut is near

trees and bushes are ready

the signs are clear


Sun rises with high temperatures

jeopardizing the debut

high humidity with no rain

provides a big clue


Will autumn come

or will an error occur

humans and animals shake their head

then with high hopes concur


The show must go on

it happens each year

autumn is coming

there is no need to fear


Bright colorful foliage

emanating from the trees

leaves begin to drop

fulfilling a spiritual need


Abundant food

in each community a feast

acorns for squirrels

for human a roasted beast


Temperatures drop

coolness in the air

celebrations of plenty

many a state fair


Seasons change

 the life cycle continues

the journey is exciting

enjoying each venue


copyright 2019 Debbie Pierce


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