fandangos-flash-fiction-challenge-33: A Spell Binding Book

This is my first attempt at flash fiction. Thanks to all who read this story. Have a wonderful day!




Beautifully bound and very much alive the book called to any who would answer. Filled with hidden mystical truths and  certain eternal life, the book is  calling to all who have life filled with strife. The call is answered one night by a man whose curiosity is ripe. A sudden violent thunderstorm erupted as the man opened the book. Thunder and lightning cause bold words and images to come alive as stories emerge on times long overlooked.

There was a time when the gods lived among us and ruled the world. They sent messages of human love and devotion as the world unfurled. How can a mere mortal understand the power of all these things?

The man was enthralled and put under a spell as magic images begin to appear. Sitting down and studying them now filled the man with fear. What to do with such knowledge? Is this the end of all things? Is this about eternal life or life on a string?

Before the answer could be found a sudden wind blew the book and it began to soar. The man instinctively ran chasing it but soon it was no more. Thunder broke the spell as the man realized the book could not be caught.

Suddenly struck by lightning his memories of the book were erased. His life taken away by distant gods of whom he had a taste. How many books does it take before the absolute truth is known? Only time will reveal the truth when all lives are gone.

copyright 2019 Debbie Pierce


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