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The Message

Inundated with choices

gazing into his translucent soul

looking for answers

from a pain that was old

They had been young

meeting at the beach

watching the sun rise

all possibilities within reach

He held her hand

as they walked along

laughing for hours

singing silly songs

He was an artist

painting the sea

she was a poet

filling books with glee

The romance was ended

her life taken by a storm

he grieves by the waves

no longer warm

His flexibility gone

heart is broken

seeking comfort

silent words are spoken

Staring at the books

her spirit calls his name

directing him to a book

wanting to comfort an old flame

He chooses a book

filled with the poetry she wrote

finding comfort in her words

seeing a love note

Assuring him

they will be together again

the old man smiles

emotions difficult to maintain

Walking away

there is a ray of light

the old man’s spirit joins hers

on this very night

copyright 2021 Debbie Pierce

#FFFC #FOWC #rdp culture daily prompt flash fiction inspiration intentional living life lifestyles poetry story telling Uncategorized word of the day challenge

Whispers over Coffee

Flitting in the park

it begins with a phrase

he is quite smitten

she is amazed

Like a young lad

doing things to showoff

causing her to laugh

true love not far – off

An intimate encounter

a whisper in the ear

an answer to a proposal

the wedding is near

A blissful morning

filled with laughter and cheer

now they are newlyweds

the future is clear

One morning

a whisper about something new

joyful glad tidings

a baby is due

Years pass

the couple is now old

happiness spread through whispers

the love and coffee are never cold

copyright 2021 Debbie Pierce

#FFFC culture flash fiction inspiration intentional living life lifestyles story telling

fandangos-flash-fiction-challenge-40/ The Portrait


Happy Veteran’s Day! Thank you to all who have and continue to serve!


Sam sat in the chair chatting with the artist as he worked. Papa had been a casualty of the bombing of Pearl Harbor. The picture was going to be a gift to his mother.

There had been a fire six months ago that destroyed all the pictures of this wonderful man. While resembling his father in appearance, it was his father’s soul that Sam wanted captured in the picture. The artist listened and worked intently as the intimate details of the father were described.

John had been a man of adventure taking the family to beautiful parks. There they would have picnics and hike in lush landscapes of the mountains. Each member of the family would dive off waterfalls into the bubbling crevices below. John’s life was one of thrills and exploration.

The family had lived in Hawaii almost five years before the bombing. John had joined the Navy during the depression with a deep love for his country. On the day of the bombing John had been on board ship attending to simple duties. As the planes approached and the bombing began, John was able to get to one of the onboard guns and engage in a partial counter attack.

Bullets from the planes reached John and he was killed instantly. Standing on a hill the family watched the scene in horror. It was a day they would never forget.

The artist handed the finished portrait to Sam. The eyes in the portrait reflected a man who loved life and his family. Each line on the face projected a life well lived. Sam was amazed at how well the artist captured his father.

Sam walked away with gratitude as he felt John’s soul. Papa was with the family once more.

copyright 2019 Debbie Pierce


Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #40

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fandangos-flash-fiction-challenge-39/A Musical High



#FFFC culture daily prompt flash fiction happiness inspiration intentional living life lifestyles spiritual story telling

fandangos-flash-fiction-challenge-37/ A Parallel Life



Standing on the bridge taking a break from my morning run. The environment changes with the movement of the sun. The scenery changes depending upon the point of view.  My solid self can touch the world around. Textures are exciting and so are the sounds.   My shadow sees the world in a parallel place. Though we are connected each has its own space.

Living in the light my shadow explores the depths of things great and small. Able to change with light climbing up the features on the wall. It can jump from a building to a tree or go through the tiniest cracks smiling with glee.

My solid self is limited by space and time. Material things change as the clock chimes. Things that are new slowly decay. That is why my solid self enjoys the adventures of today.

Life passes and is  enjoyed by each part of myself. Dancing in parallel union till the sun starts to melt. The separation is brief as the sun rises again. Then we find another adventure as the sun filters through the wind.


copyright 2019 Debbie Pierce

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Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #37


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fandangos-flash-fiction-challenge-36/: The Legacy




The garden is beautiful this time of year surrounded by vintage plants. Each piece holds a story in the life of a woman. Treasures gathered in a faded blue chair the woman’s light shines through.  A tattered bear holds secrets of joy and pain. Rememberances of a simple time when a hug and kiss healed all the strain. The others playmates on a rainy day. Jumping around a play house in a small girl’s room. Flowers often sitting beside it in full bloom.

The day has come to leave the fantasy land. Time to leave them to the grandchild who now besides them stand. The woman’s time is short and soon her worldly light will go out. However, now is a time to smile and not to pout.

The child dances as she picks up each treasure with glee. The woman smiles as she tells the child that each will be a remembrance of me. I will never be truly gone as long each treasure brings you joy. We will be playing together with each toy.

Dancing around the room while talking of things good and bad. They will bring comfort when you are sad. Always a light will shine giving you a hug each day. Now my child it is time to go away.

The woman passes into the eternal light. The child grows up treasuring each moment the light is bright. A new day has dawned and the treasures are in the chair again. The time has come for another new friend.

As generations pass the vintage toys carry joy and pain. Each time passed there is a wonderful gain.


copyright 2019 Debbie Pierce


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Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #36

#FFFC culture daily prompt flash fiction inspiration intentional living life lifestyles story telling

fandangos-flash-fiction-challenge-35/The Living Statue



Standing perfectly still waiting for the right moment. The sights and sounds are compelling as the anticipation grows. Crowds watch for a movement that no one knows. Finally the time comes and suddenly I move. Bam! Shock fills the air as I find my groove.  The people watching jump and are unable to move.

Having all these people around makes me appreciate life. Watching others helps me to avoid strife. Some people regard me as an oddity while others admire my precision. Often I will be absolutely still and just observe the life surrounding me. Every human emotion is played out while I watch. Some people live quietly and others march. At the appropriate time when the crowd is large, I will come alive and move from one stance to another. The children will scream with excitement as others cry with fear. Their faces are priceless. Taunts will come when some seek attention. Experience  helps me to know what are their intentions.

It takes discipline to live this way. Life changes in an instant no matter which way we sway. Time to stand still and set it all up again. Living in each moment has become my friend.

This time covered with dark paint. A suit and hat made from paper sets up my escape. Time comes and the sun begins to set. Now to begin walking, mechanical with each step. My fun continues as many people begin to scream. Seeing the image of a perceived ghost enhances the scene.

Home now. Resting before it all begins again. Watch out and you may see me when the light is dim.

copyright 2019 Debbie Pierce

Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #35

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fandangos-flash-fiction-challenge-34/A Natural Event



The world for humans ended long ago. The volcano erupted causing food and water to go away slow. Time healed the Earth as the sun was allowed back in. Plants and animals in hiding came back thin.

Resources became abundant without the help of man. The old building provided materials and new life for the place. The cisterns were filled water from the rain. Tiny fish began to fill the drain.

Plants grew covering the walls. There were flowers and animals in the hall. New communities formed as the animals claimed their space. Storms reshaped the soil as new rivers began to race.

Walls began to fall as the trees began to grow. Soon there was a waterfall where air vents used to flow. The sun continued to shine where there once was a roof. Life was now abundant where there was only soot.

One day in a small crevice humanity reappeared. A group of nomads came from a place that had disappeared. Seeing the beauty and abundance in this new place, the humans began to build at a rapid pace.

As the years pass the buildings begin to decay. The humans have moved on as is their way. Another catastrophe happens and it all begins again.

Does history continue to repeat itself and does the environment ever win?


copyright 2019 Debbie Pierce


Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #34


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fandangos-flash-fiction-challenge-33: A Spell Binding Book

This is my first attempt at flash fiction. Thanks to all who read this story. Have a wonderful day!




Beautifully bound and very much alive the book called to any who would answer. Filled with hidden mystical truths and  certain eternal life, the book is  calling to all who have life filled with strife. The call is answered one night by a man whose curiosity is ripe. A sudden violent thunderstorm erupted as the man opened the book. Thunder and lightning cause bold words and images to come alive as stories emerge on times long overlooked.

There was a time when the gods lived among us and ruled the world. They sent messages of human love and devotion as the world unfurled. How can a mere mortal understand the power of all these things?

The man was enthralled and put under a spell as magic images begin to appear. Sitting down and studying them now filled the man with fear. What to do with such knowledge? Is this the end of all things? Is this about eternal life or life on a string?

Before the answer could be found a sudden wind blew the book and it began to soar. The man instinctively ran chasing it but soon it was no more. Thunder broke the spell as the man realized the book could not be caught.

Suddenly struck by lightning his memories of the book were erased. His life taken away by distant gods of whom he had a taste. How many books does it take before the absolute truth is known? Only time will reveal the truth when all lives are gone.

copyright 2019 Debbie Pierce


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Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #33