A World Gone Cold

In the midst of a world

filled with a gamut of misery

a man sleeps on the street

a victim of an evil history

Once filled with chuckles

and a heart of gold

enjoying all of life

till suddenly the world turned cold

In an instant

he lost all in a quick sweep

ignoring the truth

making many weep

On this very night

sleeping in the cold

a prophecy will come true

from the days of old

Rising out of the ashes

a group of people appear

with kindness and hope

love became clear

New days dawned

victory against evil

the light shines now

as life returns to all the people

copyright 2023 Debbie Pierce


  1. Your poem about throwing out a lifeline is profound. The recipient did not allow it to hit the ground. On this day, hope was not lost.

    • Thank you. There are a several homeless people on the streets in the downtown areas. Several charitable organizations have formed a safety net for the homeless that include food, shelter, and health care for those who would like it. Still, it remains an issue that is lifelong for some. Thanks for reading. Have a wonderful day!

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