The Message

Inundated with choices

gazing into his translucent soul

looking for answers

from a pain that was old

They had been young

meeting at the beach

watching the sun rise

all possibilities within reach

He held her hand

as they walked along

laughing for hours

singing silly songs

He was an artist

painting the sea

she was a poet

filling books with glee

The romance was ended

her life taken by a storm

he grieves by the waves

no longer warm

His flexibility gone

heart is broken

seeking comfort

silent words are spoken

Staring at the books

her spirit calls his name

directing him to a book

wanting to comfort an old flame

He chooses a book

filled with the poetry she wrote

finding comfort in her words

seeing a love note

Assuring him

they will be together again

the old man smiles

emotions difficult to maintain

Walking away

there is a ray of light

the old man’s spirit joins hers

on this very night

copyright 2021 Debbie Pierce


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