fandangos-flash-fiction-challenge-37/ A Parallel Life



Standing on the bridge taking a break from my morning run. The environment changes with the movement of the sun. The scenery changes depending upon the point of view.  My solid self can touch the world around. Textures are exciting and so are the sounds.   My shadow sees the world in a parallel place. Though we are connected each has its own space.

Living in the light my shadow explores the depths of things great and small. Able to change with light climbing up the features on the wall. It can jump from a building to a tree or go through the tiniest cracks smiling with glee.

My solid self is limited by space and time. Material things change as the clock chimes. Things that are new slowly decay. That is why my solid self enjoys the adventures of today.

Life passes and is  enjoyed by each part of myself. Dancing in parallel union till the sun starts to melt. The separation is brief as the sun rises again. Then we find another adventure as the sun filters through the wind.


copyright 2019 Debbie Pierce

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