Beautiful Soil Meditation

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On this morning meditation

observing the beautiful soil

wonderful colors and textures

land which is unspoiled


God made us from the soil

connected to the land

able to sense the harmony

like in a band


Connected to each other

diverse in every way

made in many colors

beautiful places to stay


Loving one another

preserving this great land

from the highest mountains

to the desert sands


The soil is rich

God provides for our needs

kindness to one another

way to live and heed


Thankful this day

for God’s provision

meditation is over

thankful for the vision


copyright 2017 Debbie Pierce


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  1. Yes! It is interesting to read this. When I look out at the Grand Canyon, I think about that. All the areas that are untouched by man. Just a presentation, a gift from our Creator.

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