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Introduction: A Blueberry Cobbler Love Affair


The introduction was simple

it was just sitting there

the sweet aroma

too much for my senses to bear


An blueberry cobbler

filled with such delight

right out of the oven

such a beautiful sight


Capers take calculation

this was the first one

jumping hastily toward it

the prize to be won


The first blueberry cobbler

sitting high on the table

it was too far away

for my attempts to be able


After some begging

a serving given to dine

the introduction to a delicacy

a lifetime favorite of mine


copyright 2018 Debbie Pierce

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Gremlins: Sharing on Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to all! Thank you for sharing your world. I wish all of you a Thanksgiving filled with wonderful health, joy, happiness, peace, and love.

A Thanksgiving picnic

blessings are abound

food and family in abundance

there is a gremlin around


A cool breeze is blowing

family football in the air

morsels of food disappearing

the pecan bowl is bare


Leaves are blowing

the gremlin continues his haul

food that is dropped and unwatched

he is having a ball


Truly grateful

for this unintentional act of caring

his treasure is buried

giving thanks for the sharing


Joy and laughter

the gremlins day is complete

time to take a Thanksgiving nap

everything is tidy and neat


Thankful to God

for all the simple things

grateful for love, joy, and happiness

each new day brings


copyright 2017 Debbie Pierce


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A Flavorful Fun Tailgate

grill guitar chair may 5

Flavorful aromas

filled the air

tailgate food

favorites with a flair


Hamburgers and hotdogs

relish and chips

cover the table

along with the cheese dips


Friends and family

excitement for the day

friendly rivalries

football to play


Music in the air

playing a team song

cheering all around

everyone plays along


A long run

now a fourth down

taking one more play

a touchdown


Barbecue continues

a cool afternoon

cheering for each team

each score opportune


Game over

been a wonderful day

flavorful aromas remain

as people go their way


copyright 2017 Debbie Pierce


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A Jiffy Autumn

fall color april 22

Time flies in this meditation

summer is ending

and soon it will be fall

a time for a new beginning


The air will be crispy

the leaves will begin to fall

snow will be here in a jiffy

beauty in the wonder of it all


There will be games

of football and such

a plethora of food

we will enjoy much


In a jiffy

Thanksgiving will be here

celebration of harvest

festive food will be near


Then comes  the winter

snow will cover the ground

time to rest our heads

till the spring comes round


copyright 2017 Debbie Pierce


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More Than a Meal

blueberry cobbler may 14


The old couple excitedly 

dresses in their finest this day

there is a delivery

that is on the way


They set the table

add two extra spaces

using the fine dishes

at these two places


It is close to noon

when the doorbell rings

they are so happy

the elderly man begins to sing


He opens the door and

with two young people in sight

carrying a hot meal

made just right


He welcomes them in

they sit at the table

sharing a hot homemade meal

made out of household staples


These people share a meal

one day each week

loneliness is cured

the deliverance they seek


copyright 2017 Debbie Pierce


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A Fishing Tale at Lakeshore Park

boating in the lakeshore park inlet



It is early and the sun is slowly beginning to rise as William and I pack our things for a morning fishing adventure at Lakeshore Park. This park is located on the Ross Barnett Reservoir and is our favorite fishing hole. The fish are spawning this month and we hope to catch some perch.

We arrive at the park and set up the fishing poles and chairs by the bank of the reservoir. There are other people along the bank with their fishing poles and a few in boats not far from us. It is a friendly and optimistic group this morning. There are several people who have caught fish and are using buckets to house the day’s catch.

It is not long before one of our bobbins goes down in the water. I quickly pull on the pole to pull the fish out of the water.  The fish fights as it comes out of the water trying to escape the line but all goes well and out comes a medium size perch. It is a beautiful fish that is admired before being delivered into the bucket. William puts new bait onto the line and the pole is once again in the water.

I decide to explore the park while William watches our fishing poles and lines. There is a group of geese in the park this morning. The wildlife in this park is fun to observe and photograph. The geese are happy to see people in the park because of the food that is given to them. They will deliver quite a show to get free food. This morning someone is feeding them bread while they strut and show their glory.

My observation on the morning stroll is the marina across the bay. The boats are pretty sitting in the docks. People will be in this marina all day taking rides in the boats. I enjoy taking photographs of this area. The people are fun to observe. There is usually an interesting and diverse group sharing stories of the day .

boats on marina lakeshore park april 10

The marina is also home to some of the reservoir water life. Ducks and geese split their time between the marina and park. The reservoir water between these two points provide abundant food and shelter for the birds. The marina is a place where alligators have been spotted as well. There have been some days when alligators will swim between the boats searching for food.

Alligators have become more common in this area through the years. They are mostly harmless unless disturbed. I have lost more than one fishing pole when an occasional alligator has decided he wanted my fish. It is better to let them win the prize than risk life and limb for the fish.

It is time to check on William and the progress of the fishing poles. He has caught two more perch and has decided to try catching fish along the shoreline. Sometimes the fish will come extremely close to bank in the spawning season. I sit down and watch the other fishing poles as he walks down the bank.

There is a snake in the water this morning. He is quite large and colorful flowing through the water. Usually they will pass by people unless disturbed. I sit quietly and let the snake swim by the poles without moving. Snakes are poisonous here and not to be taken lightly.

My bobbin on the fishing pole is going down again in the water. I pull on the line to bring the fish in to shore but pull too hard. The fish gets away and now my line flies through the air and is now stuck in a tree. An entertaining site to see for observers as I try to get the line out of the tree. William returns and saves the day by retrieving the line. The line gets new bait and is returned to the water.

tree in lakeshore park april 26

We have some new visitors as a hawk tries to get his lunch in a nearby tree. He is climbing the tree with a squirrel. The squirrel is faster and more efficient in the tree than the hawk. The hawk struggles for a while and then moves on to try for easier game. The squirrel then returns to a safer spot on the ground.

Up a tree jess

Following this spectacle is a group of geese with their goslings going toward the water. These birds are protective of their young and do not allow anyone near them. They are entertaining to watch as they cross the park to the water. I take a photograph and return to watch the fishing poles.

goose with babies april 26

The morning ends and the temperature has risen. It is now hot on this day and time to return home. William gives our fish to some of the remaining fisherman. We enjoy fishing but do not keep our catch. Most days the fish are either put back into the reservoir or given to people around us.

We pack our things and return to the truck. It has been a peaceful and beautiful outing with nature providing food and recreation. William and I look forward to our return on another day.

copyright 2017 Debbie Pierce



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Saturday Football

picnic lunch petrified forest april 14

A crisp fall morning

there is football in the air

barbecue on the table

sweet spicy aromas with a flair


The fans are waiting

for the game to begin

teams with a rivalry

each expecting to win


The stadium is full

the game begins with a flair

cheering this afternoon

a goal line ball in the air


It is half time

the band begins to play

marching in formation

a grand stand this day


Second half begins

more touchdowns to be found

cheering crowds stand up

excitement on the ground


The game is over

the trash talk begins

fans having fun

only one team can win


copyright 2017 Debbie Pierce

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Walking in the Shoes of a Homeless Man

homeless bill standing may 6


Mississippi like many places in the south has a transient homeless population. The homeless in this state are drawn to the urban areas in search of food, clothing, shelter, and transportation. They lust for a life off the streets. The number varies at any given time and the majority of the homeless in the capital city are men.

William and I volunteer for various missions that aid the homeless. There are many shelters available for assistance. These shelters provide services that will help get them off the street and programs for substance abuse if they choose to enter it.

This is the story of a homeless man on the streets of the inner city. The circumstances of this story are a compilation of the many stories that we hear from the men on the street.  The ministries we volunteer for generally have conversations with men and their stories are more often heard.

John steps off the bus at the inner city bus stop. The night is warm as he searches for a place to spend the night. There has been talk from the last town about how life is better in the inner city. This night he walks around the corner and spots another homeless man.

The other man’s name is Joe and he has lived on these streets for more than thirty years. His skin is wrinkled and hair dark gray. It has been a hard life on the street filled with alcohol and drugs. He looks much older than his fifty years. Joe calls out to John to come and join him in a drink.

Homeless people often congregate together on the streets. It is a social network that provides a certain amount of safety. There are gangs in the inner city that will steal money and beat a homeless person found alone. The social network also details where the best place to get food, clothing, and shelter. This network also discusses the best places to beg and hustle money if one chooses to take this route.

John joins Joe and takes a swig of the whiskey that is offered. Joe begins interviewing John to find out his story. John begins his story telling of a neglected childhood. His father left the family when he was about two years old and has not been  seen or heard from since. John’s mother was addicted to drugs and would often leave the apartment for days. Often there was no food or heat leaving John and his sister hungry and cold.

John became homeless at age fifteen and the street became his life. Ten years have now passed and the future looks grim. He was given a choice in the last city he called home to either leave or go to jail. A woman gave him bus fare and now this new city is his home.

Joe tells John that this is a good city to roam the streets. Every day there is a community center that will serve lunch to all people. There are also several local churches that have a ministry that brings food and comforting words every Monday and Wednesday. Many of the local restaurants will provide free food each night to cut down on the harassment of their customers. Hunger will not be a problem in this city.

This city has an occupational center that provides a free place to spend the days, do laundry, internet service, a postal address, and help with job placement. On cold winter nights the occupational center is a night shelter. The people at the center are friendly and helpful.

John smiles and thinks that he has entered paradise. Joe explains to him that the reality of crime in the area has made these places unsafe at times. There are groups of homeless men that create issues due to alcohol and drugs. At times guns are fired and people are killed by the violence.

Six months pass and John’s life is again in turmoil. His alcohol usage has increased and now has a problem with crack cocaine. He has learned the language of the street and manipulation has taken control. The people who have tried to help are now his enemies. John has learned how to tell people what they want to hear in order to have money for alcohol and drugs. He has tattered clothing and is thin. Alcohol and the crack cocaine now rule him.

One night John and Joe are in the woods with other homeless men trying to warm themselves with a small fire. A big fire will attract the attention of local authorities and many of the men have warrants for their arrest due to crimes committed. Suddenly two men get into an argument over a drug deal gone bad. One man pulls out a gun and begins shooting into the crowd.

John dives for cover and is spared. Joe is not as lucky and a bullet hits him in the stomach. No one calls for help since all the men do not wish to attract the attention of law enforcement. Joe dies a painful death alone from internal bleeding.

John is scared and has a moment of epiphany. He has a vision of his life from the beginning to this point in time. There is a choice to be made. John can either live or die. The next morning John walks to the community center and enrolls in an alcohol and drug rehab facility. He is ready to change and get off the street.

One year passes and John is now working at the community center. He struggles everyday to remain sober. John now has a new life with a job, home, and friends. For the first time in his life there is food, clothing, and shelter. He relates his story to anyone who will listen. Now his goal in life is to help other men get off the streets.

William and I meet men like John every time we volunteer at community shelters. John is one of the lucky men that we meet. The majority of the homeless men are too far entrenched in alcohol and drug issues to want to get off the street. This is unfortunately a cycle that is hard to defeat.

We are grateful and blessed for the opportunity to meet and work with the homeless. They remind us of how blessed we are and how much work there is to be done to fight this problem. We pray to God for the day when the suffering will end and for His guidance in how to solve the problem of homelessness.

Copyright 2017 Debbie Pierce


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The Pesky Blue Bug

blue bug 2 petrified forest april 14

Blue bug

pretty as can be

buzzing around the grill

annoying to me


He is a pest

trying to taste my food

trying to swat him

food smells so good


I miss him

as he flies away

coming back again

trying to stay


The grill is hot

the pest finds a spot

difficult to reach

he lands on my pot


I swat him again

he flies away

the food almost ready

he is determined to stay


One final time

dancing as I swat

he dives for the food

a prize that he got


He flies away

taking his prize

the bug won the day

there is smoke in my eyes


copyright 2017 Debbie Pierce


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Blueberry Cobbler : Edible Treats

blueberry cobbler may 14

Blueberry cobbler

an edible treat

filled with love

ready to eat


Love in food

shown in many ways

veggies or dessert

appear each day


Sitting at the table

sharing life’s news

loving one another

even with different views


Food binds us together

cooked from the heart

sharing new recipes

some are an art


Crossing generations

each dish a story to tell

learning about each other

tasting oh so well


Meeting new friends

diversity crosses the plates

enjoying each other

eating until late


Blueberry cobbler

topped with ice cream

sharing with friends

such a wonderful scene


copyright 2017 Debbie Pierce







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