The Pesky Blue Bug

blue bug 2 petrified forest april 14

Blue bug

pretty as can be

buzzing around the grill

annoying to me


He is a pest

trying to taste my food

trying to swat him

food smells so good


I miss him

as he flies away

coming back again

trying to stay


The grill is hot

the pest finds a spot

difficult to reach

he lands on my pot


I swat him again

he flies away

the food almost ready

he is determined to stay


One final time

dancing as I swat

he dives for the food

a prize that he got


He flies away

taking his prize

the bug won the day

there is smoke in my eyes


copyright 2017 Debbie Pierce


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  1. Haha.. Smoke in my eyes.. The pesky little bug successfully raided.. Great post…

  2. Wasnt sure as to his fate right until the end there. Part of me was wondering what you were going to rhyme with splattered at one point.

  3. Those little flying pests can really drive us bonkers! Some times you should just put a little piece of something for them to enjoy. LOL 🍕

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