Nature’s Edible Treats

holly berries in the yard 2 april 6

Beautiful song birds

flying through the air

spotting edible red berries

to tempting to spare


The berries so red

succulent to eat

the birds dive in

relief from the heat


God provides nourishment

on this hot summer day

berries with juice

in nature’s way


Observing the birds

enjoying the afternoon treat

nourishing to the soul

meditation in the heat


The journey is wonderful

on this summer day

taking hints from nature

enjoying ice cream along the way


The birds are filled

as is my soul

simple fruits of life

enjoyment is the goal


copyright 2017 Debbie Pierce

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  1. You just describe me as well as the birds! When we are out hiking, we love to look around for fresh fruit on the trails. The strawberry guava is our favorite! One time, I even found coffee berries one time for energy! You know me and my love for coffee…I was pretty excited about that!

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