A Droplet of Life

Tears stain my face

as I walk through the rain

thinking of you

time playing a game

The impact of your loss

affects me each day

looking for life

on life’s path way

Looking at a puddle

watching a rain drop

water spreads out

not appearing to stop

Following the puddle

as it flows into a stream

a small water fall forms

taking life on as in a dream

Going faster into the rapids

such force in the flow

splashing with laughter

the life force begins to glow

A fish rides the rapids

jumping with delight

joined by others

the future is quite bright

The rapids dissipate

calm near a creek

life continues to flow

the droplet is unique

Tears are gone

a smile on my face

can see you living

awaiting my embrace

Meditation over

realizing life never ends

knowing that I will see you

around the next bend

copyright 2022 Debbie Pierce



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