Relationship Walls

Holidays are here

looking for an escape

anxiety is high

relationships to reshape

Taking a walk

along memory lane

looking for an alibi

to hide from the pain

Frost at the table

silence the order of the day

moving toward separation

love has gone away

So many old arguments

between family old and new

walls have been built up

understanding out of view

One last attempt at reconciliation

asking everyone to forgive

remember we are family

with a long time to live

Icy eyes

along with hardened hearts

things have gone to far

family wants to depart

Death comes into life

as each member leaves

sadness in my spirit

as the loss is grieved

Perhaps the time will come

when we can live in peace

love will return

and all anger will be released

copyright 2022 Debbie Pierce


  1. Oh, wow… These are the darkest of days.
    Seriously, your narrative was so spot-on, as though you witnessed in real time.

    • Yes, these are the darkest of days for a good many people. I did witness this a few days ago and it was sad. Fortunately for me I was an observer and not a participant. I pray for peace, comfort, and healing for all families that this exists. Hope that you and your family had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Thanks for reading.

  2. Good as always Debbie. I like your use of slant rhymes…..

    to = too ?

    “things have gone to far”

    I feel things have gone too far in the wrong direction in America for reprieve. Sadly.

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