A Sparkling Fall Day

Sun is rising

extending greetings for the day

the flounder are jumping

water sparkling as they play

Colorful leaves

rainbows in the dew

crispness in air

the season is new

Putting down roots

adjusting to a new pace

wildlife speaks to me

basking in grace

Living in the moment

wrapped in peace

joy in life

all issues released

Meditation over

slowing the perception of time

renewal of my spirit

the world is mine

copyright 2022 Debbie Pierce


  1. You hold the concept of each-day-a-new-day in the palm of your hand, keeping it close to your vest.

    • Yes. Each new day brings something new and hope for the future. That concept helps me through many a hard times and especially at time of the year. Thanks for reading. Have a wonderful day!

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