A Squirrel’s Heaven

Eyes slanted looking

toward the scene

having a conniption

heart jealous and green

Scampering closer

while mama yells

there’s no going back

now is the time to rebel

So many sights and smells

food dropped on the ground

greedily grabbing

jumping on the merry go round

Sitting on a seat

eating to my heart’s content

suddenly a jolt into the air

this was not my intent

Flying high

with a twist and a twirl

time slows down

as stomach contents begin to unfurl

Hitting the ground

in a nearby field

surround by flowers

so this is how death feels

Regaining consciousness

as my mother rushes over

she looks worried

picking off the clover

Returning to life

squealing in an excited tone

time to go again

twirling like a cyclone

Mama shakes her head

as she turns to leave

tears in her eyes

a look of disbelief

Days pass

I’ll never leave again

filled with delight

now living in a garbage bin

copyright 2022 Debbie Pierce


  1. What an adventure! Memphis has quite a population of squirrels and raccoons, who love to go dumpster diving.

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