The Dimension Traveler

In the splendor of time

dimensions are split

creating an illusion

using a sewing kit

Chilling in simplicity

causing the truck to go uphill

the sewing machine emits a signal

giving the young man a thrill

Looking elegant

in his suit

graduating in parallel time

a willing recruit

In this episode

chaos is the goal

causing death and destruction

soul is quite cold

Each day he lives

in another dimension

changing histories

a mind invention

Sentenced to eternity

living in deception

soul is lost

depending on the perception

Darkness and light

chosen each day

the young man is happy

choosing the way

copyright 2021 Debbie Pierce


  1. Hey well done Debbie. Like your rhyming. The sewing machine signal-emit caused the thrill-smile. Why of course……

    When offered to Fandango i said the photo offers great scope for imagination and storytelling. Would be nice to know the back-story. I haven’t a clue what really is going on…..

    • Thank you. I am trying to write more Halloween type things this month. I agree. It’s a fun picture with so many possibilities. Thanks for reading. Have a wonderful day!

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