Facing a Fearful Fall

Maneuvering down the stairs

facing a fear

trying not to look down

when a spider jumps on my ear

Losing balance

grabbing a rope

quashing a scream

losing hope

Struggling to reach the steps

certain my fate has been sealed

fog envelops me

taunting me to yield


while letting go

wind picks me up

trying not look below

Floating in the air

life passes before my eyes

moments of humor

before I die

Landing on the ground

into some soft brush

realizing I am alive

what a rush

Getting up

having faced a fear

walking away from the steps

grateful for life so dear

copyright 2021 Debbie Pierce


  1. I love this rhyming anecdote and the perspective of meeting the end with humor. I have to say that I didn’t react with humor either time that I was looking the grim reaper in the eye. On one occasion, I was angry and swore to come back and haunt the driver coming up my tail way too fast for me to react. (These thoughts occurred in the space of about 3 seconds.) Obviously, the jackass swerved at the last minute or I wouldn’t be here to say this.
    When a wave of water slammed into my car during a flood, I felt one moment of abject terror, and then I went into shock. I managed to brazen my way through, but I had PTSD following the event.

    • Thank you. Meeting the grim reaper is a difficult thing. Your experiences are frightening and I am sorry that they happened. Prayers for healing and comfort. Thank you for reading. Have a wonderful day!

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