Fluke: Water Encounter

fallen limb in reservoir outlook march 31

Kayaking across the reservoir

slight breeze with water blue

enjoying the silence

not having a clue


Suddenly a fluke occurred

and there ahead of me

was a circular object

as shiny as can be


Moving closer

the object began to dance

causing ripples in the water

putting me in a trance


Slowly approaching

then there came a scan

searching my deep inner soul

learning as much as it can


Suddenly a cloud appeared

the object was in motion

the sun was sizzling

my paddling causing a commotion


Coming to my senses

paddling really fast

object returned to the sky

as land appeared at last


Safely on shore

memory beginning to fade

was it real or a dream

will think about the encounter in the shade


copyright 2018 Debbie Pierce






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