Nightmare: Falling

ms college bell tower march

In the church yard

an old bell rings

falling down a hole

my spirit begins to scream


Falling faster

 life deeds flash before my eyes

the good and the bad

terrified by every lie


It is getting darker

farther away from the light

stagnation in the air

no place for flight


The endless pit

filled with deceit

coldness in my spine

there is no heat


All hope is gone

alone in despair

hoping for an end

no one cares


Suddenly lightening strikes

awakened from the dream

 love is calling me

pulling me upstream


There is a bright light

my spirit begins to soar

surrounded by peace and serenity

faith is restored


No more nightmares

the bell continues to ring

this time surrounded by life

as the world begins to sing


copyright 2018 Debbie Pierce



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