Conniption: A Bird Tale

blue heron and egret pelahatchie bay april 20


two birds taking a bath

enjoying the sun

till one expresses wrath


A fish jumps high

two engage in a battle

a conniption is thrown

over the chattel


Loud noises

fill the air

spreading of wings

neither willing to share


Antics escalate

as the fish continues to jump

each bird throwing water

now there is a bump


One final jump

the fish has been eaten

an alligator swoops in

the birds have been defeated


The show is over

as the alligator departs

the birds spread the story

each exaggerates their part


Calmness returns

continuing the beauty of the day

each bird leaves

and goes his separate way


copyright 2018 Debbie Pierce


  1. Great use of the prompt! Loved the inamges evoked from your poem. I saw the story unfold before my mind’s eye. The alligator…. the victor! Such is life! 💙

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