Fact: Morning Kayak Ride

pelahatchie bay river 1 april 12

Looking down the river

as far as the eye can see

discerning fact from fiction

becoming part of me


Kayaking further

there is a strange glow

should I investigate 

or lie low


A rippling catches my attention

growing the closer I get

it is an alligator

beginning to sweat


Moving closer

a fish jumps

something in the water

my heart thumps


Upon closer examination

the facts become clear

the water rippling and glowing

are an early morning deer


Continuing down the river

peace is at hand

the sounds of birds and crickets

singing harmony with nature’s band


copyright 2018 Debbie Pierce


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  1. Absolutely magical and inspiring way of viewing various facts…and the photo has sentimental value as well! In my hometown, the Scioto River runs through it and looks very similar to that picture. It conjures up fond memories.

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