Branch: Growing of the Senses


Pollen fills the air

buds and branches grow

time to begin life anew

expand all that we know


Time to expand our senses

listen to the world around

taking in all the environment offers

hearing every sound


The eyes see the beauty

the flowers and the bees

new growth is everywhere

especially the trees


The ears listen carefully

there is rustling in the wind

tiny creatures are nesting

sounds come from within


Expanding now to the nose

so many different smells

honeysuckle and flowers

all is well


Branching out

to communicate with it all

searching deep within

having a ball


Meditation over

nature is a special place

becoming one with my senses

a life filled with grace


copyright 2018 Debbie Pierce


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  1. Beautiful especially on a day like today. Here in the Pacific Northwest it felt like Spring. Your poem was very fitting for me feeling energized knowing it is the beginning of more days like today to come.

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