I Can Hear You Calling

petrified forest water path 1 april 14

I can hear you calling

your voice is very near

your life essence

whispering in my ear


Expressions of love

in the trees around

laughter from a distant memory

love knows no bounds


I see through your eyes

in the wooded stream

renewed from the rain

reflection from a sun beam


Your warmth is expressed

through creatures in the forest

living life to fullest

expressing themselves in a chorus


Looking through

the lens of time

seeing all your adventures

tales told for a dime


Seeing life in

a twinkle of an eye

the love in your heart

will never die


Created from dust

to which we will return

the bonds that join us

continue through each life turn


Meditation ends

your spirit is near

remembering the love

spreading it another year


copyright 2017 Debbie Pierce



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