Miraculous: Alive in this World

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A miraculous thing

happened on the canyon top

in the midst of clouds and fog

nothing could make it stop


Observing the life above

and the life below

there was a bush

and it began to glow


From the far reaches of time

an environment filled with rock

the sun nourished a seed

it began growing around the clock


The scorching sun

torrential rains

bitter cold

much ground it began to gain


Staring into the universe

the bush exclaimed “here I am”

belonging to the landscape

part of the glam


It dared to be

part of the realm of reality

shining among the rocks

gleaming with spirituality


A lesson to my soul

wandering this great land

beam with all you are

with love take a stand


copyright 2017 Debbie Pierce


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    • Thank you. I am smiling. I will be taking a break until the new year. As a tradition in my family I would like to extend to you this holiday blessing. May you be blessed with love, comfort, health, and prosperity in the new year and all the days of your life. Debbie

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