Finally: A Winter’s Peace


My soul has been sleeping

finally rest is at hand

the snow has capped the mountains

peacefully coating the land


The time has come

for a long winter’s nap

so much holiday cheer

all my energy has been zapped


Taking comfort

feeling the wind in the trees

warmth in the silence

my soul is at ease


There is beauty in the clouds

the sky shines in bright blue

small creatures hibernate

the year is new


Resting in this winter scene

pure as in days of old

taking time to dream

renewal for my soul


copyright 2017 Debbie Pierce


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  1. I missed you, you know that Lt. Pierce. Glad to see you back. Merry Christmas, happy New Year and other festivities you might have that I don’t know about. Cheers Lieutenant Pierce….. Great poem by the way, but you already knew that. 😀

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    Enjoy my version:


    My mission is over
    It has been hard slog
    I’ve got a hangover
    My Post a Day blog

    My soul is now sleeping
    Finally rest is at hand
    I’m done promisekeeping
    Peace covers the land

    The time is near
    For a long summer’s nap
    So much Cloud cheer
    My energy’s zap

    Taking comfort not tense
    Feeling wind in the trees
    Warmed by silence
    My soul is at ease

    Beauty covers the Cloud
    The sky shines bright blue
    I rest proud
    The year is new

    My tales have been told
    My heart’s out of Cloud scene
    Pure as days of old
    Gone is Twenty seventeen

    Alan Grace
    1 January 2018
    (Inspired by:
    Finally: A Winter’s Peace
    by pipersadventures9)

    Daily prompt: Finally

  3. Have a wonderful New Year and may God visit you in a special way in the new year. 🎉🎉2️⃣0️⃣1️⃣8️⃣🎉🎉 Beautiful scenery.

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