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Mushroom: A Tale

mount locust property april 27

Across the field

a mushroom lay

a man picked it up

and ate it merrily


His mind began to wander

hoping to become part of a heavenly place

he picked up his step

tripping on his shoe lace


Looking up from the ground

the devil he saw

coming toward him with beady eyes

and a chainsaw


Terrified he shouted

why are you coming after me

it was a heavenly mushroom

in Heaven I am supposed to be


The devil kept coming closer

his dark suit in plain site

grasping the edge of a tree

he looked like in flight


The devil spoke

as he came into range

speaking softly

with this exchange


Young man

you are a fool

you have stepped into 

a pasture cesspool


When you come down 

off of your high 

I am a farmer 

rescuing you before nigh


The man slept

waken to be safe again

never will eat another mushroom

grateful that God saved him


copyright 2017 Debbie Pierce


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By pipersadventures9

Piper Pierce is a Mississippi native who loves to experience the journey through life.

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