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Hope For Friends Filled With Pain

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This has been a sad week for a few friends of mine. They have lost children to suicide.  This poem is an attempt to let them know that we care and wish to mushroom love around them.


I feel your sadness

intertwined with pain

loved ones who have left

there is no gain


So young

filled with pain of their own

not knowing what to do

now they are gone


Lost communication

trials till the end

each expressing  pain

trying hard not to give in


Death won this round

leaving sadness in its wake

families are crying

some are beginning to shake


There is hope

as friends and family gather round

knowing they will be together

when the veil is unbound


God grants us grace

to continue to live on

He holds our departed loved ones close

protecting their souls from harm


One glorious day

we will hold each other again

in God’s mighty kingdom

where pain and suffering will never win


copyright 2017 Debbie Pierce

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By pipersadventures9

Piper Pierce is a Mississippi native who loves to experience the journey through life.

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