Droll : A Young Goose Tale

geese drinking water in strawberry park april 24

The mother goose leans down to drink

her goslings follow to the sink

all bend their heads

except a small droll one who stopped to think


How much fun 

would it be

to slide in the mud

into the reflection that he sees


The water will splash

mother will jump around

his siblings will laugh

there will be fun to be found


Mother thwarted the attempt

as she guessed his plan

her wings pulled him around

as he slid on the sand


The siblings laughed at the site

as the droll got up from the sand

and went to the water to drink

Mother having shown her firm hand


Lessons learned

early in life

saves us from much embarrassment

and strife


copyright 2017 Debbie Pierce


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  1. Aww, this is such a childhood throwback for me. I actually liked keeping ducks and gooses in our yard. You have captured a moment I remember very clearly in my head – like I am watching it on National Geographic. Wow. I am stunned by this. You truly are an amazing poet Lt. Pierce.

  2. Have you ever noticed there is always one sibling that is always unique from the others. Some people would say different but to me you are unique.

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