Panacea: A Morning Walk

fallen limb in reservoir outlook march 31

Walking along the water’s edge

having had a troubling dream

wind is now blowing

is anything as it seems


There is a light mist

a crispness in the air

searching for a panacea

answers with a flair


It came to me

as the fog began to lift

that God gives us grace

a wonderful gift


The answer came

the choice to look within

wisdom from above

solid not on a whim


The sun rose

the day is now bright

warmth from the sun

water sparkles in the light


All is not what it seemed

in that troubling dream

there is a panacea in living

love to be gleaned


My soul is at peace

as this meditation ends

living life to the fullest

enjoying nature’s blend


copyright 2017 Debbie Pierce


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